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Toddler Ear Piercing: How Young Is Too Young?

Mommy, Can I Get My Ears Pierced, Please...

Mommy, Can I Get My Ears Pierced, Please…

Aside from my wedding ring, I’ve never been big on wearing baubles. Guess I’ve always been a Tomboy at heart. Much to my husbands chagrin, I’ll randomly bust out a pearl necklace or bling it up with a pair of diamond studs – typically reserved for special occasions. I’ve even boycotted watches since Highschool (remember Swatch?) and hate the thought of anything dangling from my wrist, neck, ears or ankle. So you can image my disbelief upon hearing my three year-old daughter demand to get her ears pierced the other day.

Silly me for thinking clip-on barrettes in Lola’s beloved Jewfro would be enough. Just the sheer thought of pierced ears on a toddler brings visions of JonBenet Ramsey dancing in my head.  The next thing you know, she’ll want to audition for TLC’s child beauty pageant show, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” something I would never condone.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to deprive my daughter of these fun life experiences. After all, I do file her nails and occasionally polish them with Piggy Paint. Call me prudish, but I always envisioned a few more years ’til girly requests such as ear piercing came up. Guess that’s to be expected when you send your kids to pre-school in New York. Perhaps the biggest dilemma I’ll inevitably have to deal with: what to do when Lola’s twin brother, Noah, begs to do the same.

For any parents out there: at what age did you decide to pierce your toddler’s ears? Looking forward to reading about your experiences.


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Allergy Busters!

Ahh, the first signs of spring… cherry blossom trees are blooming, little birds are chirping and people are blissfully strolling the streets, breathing-in all that not-so-fresh New York City air. But for seasonal allergy sufferers like myself, the arrival of spring is synonymous with hell [read: incessant sneezing, sniffling, irritated red eye syndrome and severe scalp itchiness]. Yes, those pesky airborne pollen spores make my life that miserable.

Since I can’t cope with over-the-counter antihistamines (they give me cotton mouth and make me speedy) and the great indoors is not an option, I’ve resorted to this trusty round-up of alternative allergy busters. Gotta love springtime!

imageWhy bother cleaning out your cobwebs with white Kleenex (so humdrum) when you can blow into something a little more fun and fashionable like these snazzy Sniff tissues. Made from ultra soft and eco-friendly 2-ply paper, which means they’ll withstand even the heaviest, runniest, … well, you get the picture. Sniff Lipstick and Lips Tissue, $1.50, (comes 10 per package) 

imageCounteract itchy and irritated demon eyes with drugstore drops that soothe and moisturize. Similasan’s sting-free formula is fast, effective and economical. Just remember, one squeeze goes a long way. Similasan Healthy Relief Allergy Eye Relief Drops, $7.59,



imageDid you know that you can combat the common side effects of pollen exposure (i.e., itchy eyes) just by wearing wraparound shades (who knew?). This slick UV-protectant style from Blinde is so cool, you’ll even wanna wear ‘em indoors. Blinde-Cya Round Sunglasses, $275,



imageHomeopaths swear by this allergy buster and so do I. Pollinosan, an all natural alternative to those mind-altering over-the-counter antihistamines, is formulated from Cardiospermum, which gently stimulates your body’s healing power and builds your resistance to pesky irritants such as pollen, mold spores (eew!), household dust and other allergens. Place 20 drops on your tongue 3 times per day and swish it inside your mouth for one minute before swallowing. Can’t stomach the disgusting taste? Don’t sweat it… Pollinosan also comes in tiny tablets. Pollinosan, $11.99,



imageTo really clean out your nasal passages, try the Neti Pot – an ancient Ayurvedic device, which literally flushes out sinus and allergy problems such as pollen, mucus and, dare I say, snot build-up. Simply add warm water and non-iodized salt into the Alladin-like device, lean over the sink and tilt your head down, then gently place the spout into one of your nostrils and let the solution flow out. Repeat in the other nostril for the magic to unfold. View this informative (and hysterical!) YouTube video to see exactly how it’s done. Neti Pot Starter Kit, $35.84,



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NaturallyCurly Scavenger Hunt!

imageCalling all curly girls!, the world’s largest social networking “curl-munity” has joined a team of fabulous partners, including yours truly, to create a fun, prize-filled online Scavenger Hunt, starting today through April 28th, 2008.

Simply scavenge NaturallyCurly’s website throughout April to find the correct answers to 5 curly-related questions (e.g. What’s the best frizz buster on the market?). Correctly answer ‘em all and you’ll have the chance to win a curl-tastic prize package, which includes $350 in gift cards and irresistible swag from NaturallyCurly, LUSH, Bluefly, Rae Cosmetics, ambermag, and hangPROUD. Return to NaturallyCurly each following week in April to answer a new set of questions and earn chances at weekly prize packages.

But wait, there’s more! Answer all 20 curly questions correctly over the course of the month, and you could win the “Rockingest of Ringlets” grand prize: a $5,000 getaway (yes, $5,000!) to NYC for you and a friend! This ultimate prize package includes airfare and hotel, a curl makeover with Ouidad (the Queen of Curl) at her swanky flagship salon, beauty boo-tay and many more amazing treats. Perhaps the best prize of all: a tailor-made, guided “NYC Shopping Safari,” courtesy of!

Just by registering for the contest, you’ll automatically receive a 15% discount from CurlMart, NaturallyCurly’s e-boutique, and at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, on your next online orders in April. Don’t delay – start playing NaturallyCurly’s online scavenger hunt today!

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Earthly Delights

Being that Earth Day is just a few weeks away (Tuesday, April 22nd to be exact), I thought it only fitting that I bring you the very best in organic beauty. From lipstick tubes made entirely out of corn (who knew?), to fizzy bath bombs infused with pine to nearly recycled emerald-hued nail polish (I kid you not!), these eco-friendly finds will prettify you from top-to-toe while preserving the planet.

imageCargo’s colorful line of botanical lipsticks will beautify your pout and the environment! Each tube is made entirely out of corn and the outer carton is made of flower paper embedded with real flower seeds. Simply moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to bloom! Choose from 20 shea butter-infused shades for ultra smooth (and sexy!) smackers. Cargo PlantLove™ Botanical Lipstick, $20, available at

imageThe crème de la crème in au natural skincare, Care’s ultra-rich facial moisturizer is packed with five mega-potent organic extracts that firm and hydrate. Completely free of harmful petrochemicals and silicones, this miracle in a bottle promises radiant-looking skin just like that of its creator, Stella McCartney. Care 5 Benefits Moisturising Cream, $76, available at

imageYou don’t have to be the outdoor type to appreciate the benefits of this pine-infused bath bomb. When submerged under water, the Geo Phyzz slowly releases red Hawaiian and coarse sea salts, which soothe and soften even the scaliest skin. And don’t worry, you won’t end up smelling like one of those tacky pine air fresheners. Lush Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb, $7.15, available at

imageGo green with a punchy nail polish! Although not technically organic, Recycle’s ultra dark emerald hue is so much fun to flaunt. Besides, you can at least recycle the bottle! Just don’t forget to nix the bling when wearing polish this bright, as your nails become the accessory. Recycle Nail Polish, $18, available at

imageDust your face, décolletage and shoulders with this decadent, all-over shimmer powder. The hidden value: it’s packed with real jade particles and pure bareMinerals for a hint of good fortunate and a healthy, glowing finish. Although it appears green, the flaxen shimmer shade has a delicate pink undertone that flatters every skin tone. Genuine Jade Beauty Duo, $39, available at

Who ever said it’s not easy being green?

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M.A.C. Attack!

imageAlthough I only slept 3 hours last night (ahh, the joys of drinking too much wine before bedtime), my face is surprisingly full of life. That’s because my lids are lined with electric blue, glittery eyeliner and my pout is painted a high-shine shade of fuchsia gloss. Admittedly, not the most flattering make-up colors for my complexion, but since they’re part of the new limited edition Heatherette for M.A.C. make-up collection, how could I possibly resist? 

The brainchild of design duo Richie Rich and Traver Rains, Heatherette for M.A.C. is without a doubt, one of the coolest make-up collaborations I’ve ever come across. Having recently met-up with Richie and Traver at New York’s brand new M.A.C. Pro store, I can’t say enough good things about these guys not to mention their groovy make-up collection.

Fashioned into two distinct “Good Girl, Bad Girl” looks that play off the designers’ sense of dress-up and fun, Heatherette’s coloring-book colors and hot pink, disco-esque packaging are just as imaginative and daring as Richie and Traver themselves. A playful, head-turning palette of day-to-night essentials for the ultimate Heatherette face, the 24-piece collection is fun, yet sophisticated with a downtown edge.

Brace yourself for ultra-bright, gender-neutral products that are meant to appeal to club kids as well as corporate types (who knew?), including Beauty Powders (perfect for your face and eyelids), Lipstick (Fleshpot, a barely-there nude is the tamest of the bunch), Eye Shadow Trios (pastel mint green to deep purple), Pigments (peach and pinky shimmers with reflective particles), Glitter (Richie’s nightclub-inspired look), Nail Lacquers (gray is the new black!), Faux Patent-Leather and Fishnet Eye Lashes and Dual-Edge Eye Pencils in a variety of creamy solids and glittery shades – a first for M.A.C.

Well-priced at no more than $39 (for the eye shadow trio), the limited edition Heatherette for M.A.C. make-up collection won’t last long. Having just hit stores, you’d better act fast or you’ll inevitably be eBay bound.

The Retail Details!
Product: Heatherette for M.A.C.
Where To By:
Price Range: $19-$39

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