Allergy Busters!

Ahh, the first signs of spring… cherry blossom trees are blooming, little birds are chirping and people are blissfully strolling the streets, breathing-in all that not-so-fresh New York City air. But for seasonal allergy sufferers like myself, the arrival of spring is synonymous with hell [read: incessant sneezing, sniffling, irritated red eye syndrome and severe scalp itchiness]. Yes, those pesky airborne pollen spores make my life that miserable.

Since I can’t cope with over-the-counter antihistamines (they give me cotton mouth and make me speedy) and the great indoors is not an option, I’ve resorted to this trusty round-up of alternative allergy busters. Gotta love springtime!

imageWhy bother cleaning out your cobwebs with white Kleenex (so humdrum) when you can blow into something a little more fun and fashionable like these snazzy Sniff tissues. Made from ultra soft and eco-friendly 2-ply paper, which means they’ll withstand even the heaviest, runniest, … well, you get the picture. Sniff Lipstick and Lips Tissue, $1.50, (comes 10 per package) 

imageCounteract itchy and irritated demon eyes with drugstore drops that soothe and moisturize. Similasan’s sting-free formula is fast, effective and economical. Just remember, one squeeze goes a long way. Similasan Healthy Relief Allergy Eye Relief Drops, $7.59,



imageDid you know that you can combat the common side effects of pollen exposure (i.e., itchy eyes) just by wearing wraparound shades (who knew?). This slick UV-protectant style from Blinde is so cool, you’ll even wanna wear ‘em indoors. Blinde-Cya Round Sunglasses, $275,



imageHomeopaths swear by this allergy buster and so do I. Pollinosan, an all natural alternative to those mind-altering over-the-counter antihistamines, is formulated from Cardiospermum, which gently stimulates your body’s healing power and builds your resistance to pesky irritants such as pollen, mold spores (eew!), household dust and other allergens. Place 20 drops on your tongue 3 times per day and swish it inside your mouth for one minute before swallowing. Can’t stomach the disgusting taste? Don’t sweat it… Pollinosan also comes in tiny tablets. Pollinosan, $11.99,



imageTo really clean out your nasal passages, try the Neti Pot – an ancient Ayurvedic device, which literally flushes out sinus and allergy problems such as pollen, mucus and, dare I say, snot build-up. Simply add warm water and non-iodized salt into the Alladin-like device, lean over the sink and tilt your head down, then gently place the spout into one of your nostrils and let the solution flow out. Repeat in the other nostril for the magic to unfold. View this informative (and hysterical!) YouTube video to see exactly how it’s done. Neti Pot Starter Kit, $35.84,



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