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imageIn preparation for my friend’s wedding the other weekend, I treated myself to a sleek, salon blown out. But thanks to high humidity levels on the dance floor, it didn’t take long for my pin-straight strands to morph back to their au natural frizz-ball state. If only I had the Warren-Tricomi Mini Flat Iron on hand – a pint-sized, plug-in hair-straightener, my tresses would’ve held out well past the horrah.

A fitting travel companion, the WT Mini is unbelievably cute and conveniently tucks into the tiniest of purses. Ideal for touch-ups and quick fixes, this haute hair tool instantly tames wavy bangs and pesky fly-aways. This flat iron also does wonders for a post-gym or after-work date. Just plug it in the nearest outlet and you’ll have a runway ready mane in no time. Unlike those clunky, old school straightening models, the WT Mini is super lightweight and comes with ceramic/tourmaline-coated plates that heat up to 400 degrees in a matter of minutes. Tote the 6-inch miniature marvel around and you’ll never have to worry about ruining your blow out during an unexpected rainstorm again.

The WT Mini lets me get much closer to my curly roots for precision detailing. Plus, its lightweight plates won’t leave you with the normally accompanied carpal tunnel syndrome. Just make sure you remember to pack your WT Mini in its handy storage pouch or you might end up burning a hole in your favorite Botkier bag (eek!).

  • The Warren-Tricomi Mini Flat Iron
  • 800-457-2292
  • $90
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Eye Catching

imageIn preparation for my upcoming holiday trip to London, I’ve been putting together a list of packing essentials. Since it’s a long haul from JFK to Heathrow, there’s no way I’m heading overseas without my trusty tube of Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara – the perfect antidote for perking-up tired, jet-lagged peepers. Try Volume Glamour Mascara and its ultra-thickening formula will give your flappers a major boost.

Ideal for absent-minded girls on the go (including yours truly), Volume Glamour Mascara comes equipped with a handy charm that conveniently clips onto any cell phone, camera or purse. Tote the compact tube around and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your mascara again. Gimmicky packaging aside, Volume Glamour Mascara’s ingredients are guaranteed to get your pupils dilated. Packed with vitamin B5 and other natural thickening properties such as carnauba and rice wax, Volume Glamour Mascara will give you those sought after Twiggy-style lashes after just one swipe. Plus, the full roller brush adds 50% more volume than you’ll find from traditional drugstore brands.

Now that I carry Volume Glamour Mascara to weddings and tearjerker movies, I no longer need to rummage through my purse to reapply. Now if only I could remember where I left my cell phone.

  • Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara
  • $8 per tube
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Saving Face

imageAfter years of basking on the beach with a reflector and baby oil, tanorexia, not surprisingly, has taken its toll on me. My penance: deep set furrows, crows feet, sun spots and nasolabial folds (yes, that’s what they’re called) around my mouth. Since I’ll do almost anything to delay those dreaded Restylane injections, I’m often a sucker for the latest anti-ageing skincare to hit the market. The latest miracle worker I can’t live without: Boots No7 Restore & Renew – a cult British-based beauty serum.

Since launching stateside this summer, Restore & Renew has become the crème de la crème in skincare. Packed with antioxidants (free radical fighters that slow down the ageing process) and other skin-firming ingredients that help boost and maintain your skin’s elasticity, this hypo-allergenic healer is the next best thing to a daily facial. While praised for reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, Restore & Renew’s real appeal is its price. At only $21.99 a pop, what’s not to love?

Having used Restore & Renew religiously for the past two weeks, my complexion already looks and feels more radiant. Due to its light and non-greasy texture, my cheeks are baby-butt soft and the sun-damaged skin on my décolletage is more even-toned and, dare I say, tighter. In fact, Madonna, Keira Knightley and Teri Hatcher even swear by it. No wonder stores like CVS and Target are constantly on back order. Give Restore & Renew a try and you just might save yourself the pain and price of having to go under the knife.

Special Fashion Junkie Announcement: Fashion Junkie will be back on Tuesday, November 27th. Happy Turkey Day!

Can’t Get Enough Fashion Junkie? Check out my Editor Blog on the “new and improved” LOULOU Magazine website. Click here to get clued-into my latest fashion and beauty obsessions.

  • Boots No7 Restore & Renew Beauty Serum
  • $21.99
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Mane Attraction

imageThanks to a recent trip to my scissor-happy stylist, I’m now sporting a mod, Victoria Beckham-like bob that looks great – so long as it’s blow-dryed straight. But, since it springs up to my ears during it’s naturally curly state and I’m fearful of being mistaken for a 12-year old boy, New York Clip-On Hair Extensions has become my new best friend.

Perfect for those who don’t have the patience to grow out a ghastly cut (I’m talking to you, Britney!), New York Clip-On Hair Extensions can magically give you gorgeous, flowing Pantene-like locks. Unlike synthetic brands on the market, these extensions are made from top quality human hair to perfectly match the texture and color of your natural mane. Virtually weightless and undetectable, each six-piece clip-on set comes in straight, wavy, curly or kinky styles in a variety of lengths (from 5 ½” to 8 ½ ” triple-wefted napes) along with over 400 color combinations that suit single-tone, highlights, lowlights and multi-tonal shades.

imageWhen you want that sought after Gisele Bündchen bouffant, simply clamp the clip-in hairpieces onto different sections of your scalp and, in a matter of minutes you’ll have picture perfect, runway-ready locks. Since each strand is sealed with a durable, shine-enhancing formula, you can even style your new-found do with curling irons, blow-dryers, straightening irons or rollers, making them ideal for weddings and other formal affairs.

Ideal for time-pressed prima donnas, New York Clip-On Hair Extensions allow you to create dozens of chic styles such as low-slung ponytails and sexy chignons, none of which require pricy and professional salon application. Unlike traditional hair extension glue-ins, weave-ins and plastic adhesions (ouch!), New York Clip-On Hair Extensions are reusable and won’t damage your hair. Another added benefit: they can last for years, so long as you clean ‘em regularly with conditioning shampoo. Ever since spotting clumps of curls clogging my shower drain, I bought enough to last a lifetime.

  • New York Clip-On Hair Extensions
  • 212-682-9262
  • $350 (includes six-piece set)
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Rock On!

One particular Fashion Junkie reader (yes, that’s you Jen!) recently asked me to report about the biggest buzzword in the beauty biz – minerals. While I’ve seen hoards of the stuff on display from Sephora to CVS, I never quite understood what all the hoopla was about… until I finally did some digging.

Simply put, mineral makeup are cosmetics made from precious metals such as titanium, gold, zinc, magnesium and aluminum, which are then pulverized into powder. Since they don’t contain harmful toxins, artificial colors, irritating perfumes or pore-clogging preservatives, these chemical-free concoctions are safe for even the most sensitive skin as well as the environment. What you’ll find listed on these product labels are a few hard-to-pronounce ingredients that naturally refresh and rejuvenate the skin such as bismuth oxychloride (shine-inducing agents), iron oxides (reflective particles with pigment), mica, zinc oxide (a natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory agent) and titanium dioxide (another essential UV filter). While typically found in the form of loose or pressed powder (amazing as a foundation or concealer), mineral makeup is also available in eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick and even skincare.

Prettify your face with minerals just once and you’ll no longer look or feel like you’re wearing a mask. The hidden value: with its light-as-air texture and non-irritating properties, mineral makeup lets your skin breathe while protecting it from airborne pollutants…. even over night. C’mon… haven’t we all been too lazy to wash-up after passing out on the couch in front of the tube?

Here’s a round-up of the hottest minerals on the market today:

imageThis pure mineral foundation works wonders for concealing broken capillaries and redness around the T-zone area. Plus, it’s packed with SPF 15 so you can safely stay out in the sun.
Cover FX Mineral FX Pure Mineral Foundation, $37, available at, 1-800-7-BEAUTY

imageIlluminate your complexion from the inside out with this 4-pack of slightly shimmery powders. Layer ’em over your cheeks, décolletage or shoulders for an utterly sexy effect.
Bare Escentuals Luscious Layers Of Light, $42, available at, 877-SEPHORA

imageMake your peepers pop with this shockingly-chic silver powder. Glide it across your lids with a slightly damp brush for a more dramatic, after-dark look.
Laura Mercier Mineral Eye Powder in Galaxy, $20, available at, 1-888-Mercier

imagePerk up your pout and pearly whites with this punchy red lipstick. The creamy, ultra-conditioning formula is loaded with edible zinc (full-spectrum sun protection) so you needn’t worry about frying your lips, whether you hit the slopes or sand.
Jane Iredale PureMoist LipColors (SPF 18), $19, available at, 800-213-DERM

imageLooking to banish fine lines and furrows without going under the knife? Slather on this mineral-infused miracle cream every day for some quick and easy DIY dermatology. 
PürMinerals Day Renewal Complex SPF 20, $32.50, available at, 866.PUR.0022


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