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High Notes

imageWhen it comes to perfume, I must admit, I’ve never been much of a fan. You see, every time I’ve spritzed on a designer fragrance, be it Chanel Number 5 (too floral-y), Issey Miyake (too fruity) or Norell (smells like my grandmother), the following allergic reaction immediately ensues: incessant sneezing, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and abnormal breathing. Ok, I clearly can’t cope with the artificial ingredients packed in traditional perfumes, so I’ve found the next best alternative, Rich Hippie – a luxe, organic fragrance line made without harmful, convulsion-inducing chemicals.

An intoxicating lineup of 22 synthetic-free scents, Rich Hippie is safe for the environment and your health. Formulated using old-world French perfume manufacturing techniques, Rich Hippie is derived from natural California grapes rather than harmful, man-made petroleum alcohol found in conventional (and cheaper) brands. It’s also completely devoid of nasty pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and growth hormones that are known to cause cancer (yikes!).

Made from the finest exotic ingredients from around the globe, Rich Hippie, when applied to your pulse points, is guaranteed to bring out your inner flower child. Rich Hippie perfume is so fresh and light, it won’t overwhelm anyone within close quarters such as elevators or cramped fitness studios. Choose from a slew of peace-inducing scents including Woodstock (a spiritual blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and frankincense), Rich Hippie (my personal fave), Bohemian Wedding (earthy floral notes of patchouli and citrus), Hoochie Coochie (a sweet ‘n sexy romantic floral), Marrakech (wild and hypnotic balsam, cedarwood and North African rose) and Psychedelic (a mysterious mix of Madagascan ginger root and vanilla bean).

Not a fragrance for vagrants, a sleek ½ oz. vial (the smallest size) of Rich Hippie will set you back $225. Fortunately, just one pill-sized dab of its potent formula goes a long way. Peace out!

  • Rich Hippie Perfume
  • 310-475-7658
  • $225 for a ½ oz. vial; $775 for a 2 oz. vial; sample kits run between $15-$35
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Curly Cocktails

imageAfter years of frying my hair with a flat iron, I’ve finally found a reason to permanently revert back to my au natural, Shirley Temple-like state. Why the sudden “reincurlnation?” Aside from being unable to bare the accompanied carpal tunnel syndrome (it takes 30 minutes just to blow dry my strands straight), I came across Curly Cocktails – the Holy Grail of hair care designed specifically for girls with curls.

Seven intoxicating concoctions tailor-made to fight all types of frizz and fros, Curly Cocktails protein-packed formulas will radically transform your locks and your life. Created by curly-headed Texans, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber of (the world’s largest social networking “curl-munity”), Curly Cocktails are the most effective and “fun-spirited” new collections for the kinky-haired clan.

Since one styling product doesn’t necessarily fit all (you should see the medley of mousses, gels, serums and sprays in my medicine cabinet!), Curly Cocktails comes with a range of 3-5 different products meant to be blended, depending on how your curls look and feel on any particular day. For instance, Curl & Tonic (ideal for corkscrew curls like mine), consists of Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, AG Re:coil, Batia & Aleeza Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel, Curlisto Unruly Paste and DevaCurl Mist-er Right. Another bonus: each Curly Cocktail contains a corresponding recipe card with detailed instructions and measurements so you know exactly how much of each ingredient to mix.

You can quench your curls with a host of bar-like beverages, including Curltini (for wavy hair), Cosmocurlitan (for looser locks), Hot Buttered Curls (for kinky curls) and Curlaccino (for the bushiest of Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fros). There’s even a selection of adorable strand saviors for curly kids: Curly Temple (for loose waves) and Curly Bubbly (for kinky waves). Everything’s neatly packed in a sturdy, eco-friendly container along with a wide-toothed comb for detangling strands in the shower – all the tools you’ll ever need for beautiful, bouncy, frizz-free tresses.

Create Your Own Curly Cocktail and Win! Do you have a personal recipe for a favorite styling concoction? Send your submission to and it just might be announced in their November 20th email newsletter. As a crafty bartender, you have two options:

Contest 1: Create a cocktail using products available in CurlMart, NaturallyCurly’s online boutique.

Contest 2: Create a cocktail using a combination of any styling products you love.

Prize Information:

NaturallyCurly judges will select one winner from each category. Each winner will receive a $50 CurlMart gift certificate, and:

Grand Prize for Contest 1: Your recipe becomes a real Curly Cocktail introduced in CurlMart in 2008.

Grand Prize for Contest 2: You receive virtual retail therapy – customized expert tips and tricks for tackling the toughest clothing calamities, courtesy of

Better hurry… the contest closes at midnight, October 31st, 2007. Contestants must be of legal mixing age to participate! Submit your Curly Cocktail here.

Calling All Curly Heads! Check out Fashion Junkie’s “Re-Tales” Blog for an exclusive Q&A interview with co-founders, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber.

  • Curly Cocktails
  • 888-249-9250
  • adult cocktails, $50-$80; children’s cocktails, $45-$50
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Jet Setter

As if getting strip-searched by the airport screener isn’t humiliating enough, having your beloved cosmetics confiscated and tossed away before your very eyes is a downright toiletry travesty. With carry-on restrictions more confusing than ever, you really have to know what you can pack before heading out the door. Thanks to a bevy of trusty, liquid-free alternatives to hit the market, there’s no need to check your luggage (unless you’re an overpacker like me). From toothpaste powder to solid perfumes and shampoos, today’s flier-friendly cosmetics will not only save you time and money from having to replenish your ditched toiletries, but are so first class, you just might want them for your home.

imageThis multi-purpose conditioning balm works wonders for dry cuticles, chapped lips, sandpaper-like hands and even blemishes. Toss the tiny gold tin into your tote and slather it on as needed. But remember… a little balm goes a long way.
SolarBalm, $10, available at

Say sayonara to unexpected spills and cracked containers with this dry, jasmine-scented shampoo and conditioning bar. Soak the disk under water, rub it against wet hair, et voila… your strands will suddenly be soft and squeaky clean. Make sure to lay the disk flat to dry before repacking. Lush Solid Godiva Shampoo & Conditioner, $8.75, available at

Dark colors look divine, but sporting chipped polish in public is a bonafide beauty blunder. Strip away unwanted streaks in a flash with leak–proof, single use remover pads for fabulous, party perfect nails. Lippmann Collection “The Stripper To Go”, $8.00, available at

Stop stubborn messes and unwanted germs in seconds with pre-moistened towelettes. Whether you’re a victim of sticky fingers or runny mascara, you’ll be good to go after one swift swipe.
Face 25 Makeup Removing Wipes, $10, available at

Freshen-up on the fly with this sweet-smelling, vanilla-infused perfume solid. Dab your finger into the pot and rub a pea-sized amount onto your wrists and temples for that shower-fresh feeling from taxi take-off ’til touch down.
Stila Creme Bouquet Perfume Solid, $20, available at

Powder for your pearly whites… who knew? Place a few flakes under luke-warm water and brush away for a foamy, minty fresh mouth. Believe it or not, this little plastic pouch contains enough powder for up to 400 brushes!
Toothfresh Toothpaste Powder, $5.95, available at


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imageThanks to a regular routine of waxing, threading and tweezing my brows since my teens, I’m now stuck with thin, alien-like arches. Since eyebrow hair rarely grows back on its own as we age (and at 35 I’m no spring chicken), I’ve turned to Brow Boost, an au natural follicle enhancer. Perfect for women who have a tendency to over-pluck, Brow Boost’s protein-packed formula gradually conditions, repairs and even restores hair growth.

Try Brow Boost and you just might be able to sport those sought after Brooke Shields brows you’ve been dreaming about. Like a Chia Pet for your peepers, Brow Boost, when regularly applied above your lids, will magically sprout thick ’n healthy strands you haven’t seen in years. Simply swipe the handy applicator wand to any sparse areas along your brow line and in less than one month, you’ll begin to see new hair growth. And since a well-arched brow can radically improve your appearance, Brow Boost can be a low cost, non-surgical alternative to an eyelift. Plus, it’s safe for all skin types and contact lens wearers.

For a real eye-opening experience, it’s worth investing in the complete Brow Babe Kit. For only $44.95, you’ll get Brow Boost (overnight hair stimulator), Brow Powder (blonde, taupe and raven hues for sculpting your new-found brows), Brow Gel (for holding pesky strays in place and a polished finish) and Brow Brush (an angled tool that perfectly blends brow powder).

Because a face is like a work of art and deserves a great frame, stop brow-beatin’ and give ‘em the nourishment they need.

  • Billion Dollar Brows
  • 800-763-4919
  • $19.95 for Brow Boost; $44.95 for Brow Babes Kit w/Brush
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Polish With Personality

imageWhen it comes to selling cosmetics, it’s all about marketing. Truth is, most lotions, potions and polishes produce the same end results, regardless of brand name or price. That said, I’ll admit, I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging and clever names, no matter what ingredients are listed on the label. That’s probably why I’m tickled pink over Carolyn New York – an eye-catching nail polish line inspired by life in the Big Apple.

Created by celebrity manicurist, Carolyn Cianciotto, a native New Yorker who wanted people to experience the greatest city in the world “first-hand,” Carolyn New York is much more than just another pretty polish. A diary in a bottle, Carolyn New York’s dazzling array of 46 hues vividly recounts a series of personal events that happened to Carolyn in each of the five boroughs. Even the packaging is emblazoned with a gleaming gold Manhattan skyline. For instance, Blackout in the Bronx (a matte black) perfectly captures the essence of the ’77 power outage that left the city in total darkness; Cheating in Queens (a red brick shade) is named for Carolyn’s cheating ex-boyfriend who left her for a stripper in Queens (ouch!); Staten Italy (a hot pink) symbolizes Italian-American girls’ weekend ferry rides into Manhattan for a night out on the town and NY Stock X (a creamy pink neutral) to cover the fingertips of conservative Wall Streeters. My personal fave is Mulberry Street, a dark brown shade reminiscent of coffee and canolis.

Kitschy concept aside, Carolyn New York’s long-lasting formula has seriously nailed the competition. The sleek glass vials have a goof-proof rubber grip and wide applicator brush that glides on smoothly, sans streaks and air bubbles. Plus, you needn’t worry about inhaling any funky and harmful fumes – Carolyn New York’s polishes are made from a DBP-free formula that’s hydrating and adheres to nails. I brought a bottle of Brooklyn to my manicurist and miraculously, the deep red hue managed to stay chip-free and shiny for a full five days. A helpful hint: for maximum maintenance, apply a topcoat every other day, don dishwashing gloves and slather on cuticle oil.

Try all the Carolyn New York colors and you’ll get to know every neighborhood like the back of your hand.

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