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Vinyl Revival

Get set for a smash hit this summer with “Vinyl,” a kaleidoscope of eye-popping nail polish that will make your hands and toes sizzle. Created by celebrity manicurist-cum sultry Jazz chanteuse, Deborah Lippmann, Vinyl is a tribute to those ‘80’s-inspired, rock ‘n roll fashion trends and in-your-face, fluorescent colors sported by the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Boy George.

It’s hard to believe this popular nail-preneur concocted her very first collections in her kitchen back in ‘99. Today, this in-demand diva can be seen beautifying the fingertips of famous Hollywood starlets à la Sarah Jessica Parker.

Now, with Lippmann’s latest offering of 13 gotta-have-it hues, you too can nail the hottest mani/pedi looks of the season. You’ll flip over the limited-edition trio of neon picks, including Call Me (bright orange), You Give Love a Bad Name (punchy pink) and Beautifully Obvious (a subtle pink with flecks). For the faint of heart, there’s subdued shades such as Get Together (opaque pink) and Make Me Love You (clean coral), which are part of the 10-piece permanent collection.

As if Vinyl’s long-lasting formula and high-gloss finish weren’t enough, the launch of Lippmann’s new line conveniently coincided with the release of her second LP by the same name. Talk about cross-promotion, each electrifying shade is even named after a song on the album. Plus, every bottle of polish is Toluene and DDP free, meaning you needn’t worry about inhaling any nasty (and potentially toxic!) fumes. Just swipe on one coat, and you’ll be singing.

  • Vinyl is available exclusively at Bath & Body Works
  • 1-800-756-5005
  • $8.50 per bottle
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Reigning Reds


Forgive me Father for I have sinned. What’s my sin, you ask? I’m hooked on a new shade of lipstick, “Red Sinner” that’s so naughty, I need to confess. It’s one of twenty tubes whipped-up by Poppy King – the Aussie-born, NYC-based makeup maven, from her new line, “Lipstick Queen” that I use religiously. For only $18 a fix, you too can sport dramatic, hyper-pigmented, head-turning, traffic- stopping, Rita Hayworth-inspired, fire engine red smackers that make your teeth so white, they’ll practically glow in the dark.

An admitted lipstick junkie who’s worn it since her teens, King pioneered the indie beauty craze in ’92 with “Poppy” – a lipstick collection she created at the ripe old age of 18. King recently left a corporate gig at Prescriptives Cosmetics to re-live her entrepreneurial spirit and launch a lipstick line unlike anything else on the market. Thanks to King’s winning formula, you can punch up your pout with “Sinner” (rich opaques ranging from dark rouge to rust) and “Saints” (think sheer shades like nude and coral) – two extreme textures made from the same base colors. Even the retro packaging is worth collecting – everything’s personalized with her photo, inspiration (‘70’s album covers and Art Nouveau) and a note about her obsession with, you guessed it, lipstick! So nix those goopy glosses from last year and start stocking up on reds that reign.

Get your Lipstick Queen Fix at, or visit for a list of additional store locations.

Visit’s Re-Tales Blog for an exclusive interview with the Lipstick Queen herself, Poppy King.



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