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White Out

imageA long, hot shower followed by a quick swipe of deodorant may be all it takes to banish B.O., but what about that clumpy armpit residue that leaves its mark on your clothing? C’mon, we’ve all been caught from time to time sporting zebra stripes along the sides of our solid black tanks. Since feeling clean is only part of the equation, I was tickled pink when I discovered Gal Pal – a genius garment deodorant remover pad ideal for both cotton and delicate silk fabrics.

Before Gal Pal, I was always worrying about ruining my favorite little black dress even before heading out the door. With Gal Pal, there’s no need to change clothes or waste time (and money) dashing off to the nearest dry cleaner. Simply grab the reusable sponge, swipe it gently with the grain of the garment, and watch those pesky white streaks magically disappear. Best of all, those messy marks should be buffed dry so you needn’t stress about soaking your outfit. And for banishing those annoying fuzz balls (a.k.a. sweater pilling) and crusty food bits, try Travel Gal Pal, a 2-sided pad with contrasting textures that work well together. The coarser gray flip side doubles as a lint brush and fabric fuzz buster (sans batteries), while the softer pink side buffs everything away for a smooth, smudge-free finish. Place it in its pretty, portable pouch and you can stay gorgeously groomed even on the go.

  • Gal Pal Original & Travel Gal Pal
  • 866-GAL-PAL8
  • $10 (Original Gal Pal); $12.50 (Travel Gal Pal)
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Girls’ Night Out!, and Meet Market Adventures cordially invite YOU to attend a FREE event, Mojitos and Makeovers!

Join us this Thursday, July 26th for a fun-filled night of schmoozing and sipping cocktails. But wait… there’s more! Three fabulous make-up artists, including Sephora’s top trainer and manager, Amy Eidelman, will also be available for makeovers and pointers.

In case that’s not incentive enough to show up, you’ll also receive special deals on MOTIVES, an exclusive private-label cosmetics line created by the makers of MAC as well as gift certificates and savings on BeWell memberships and services. Plus, Fashion Junkie will be on hand to provide expert tips and tricks for building your fall wardrobe.

Event Admission: FREE!

Drink Specials: $4-6 Cocktails until 9 pm

Makeover & Mojito: $12
($17 without advance reservation)

Save $5 by Paying Now!

RSVP Here!

Event Details:
When: Thursday, July 26th, 2007
Time: 7pm – 9:30pm
Where: MadameX, 94 West Houston St., NYC (corner of Houston & Laguardia)

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Mirror-cle Mints

imageWhat’s so good about having fresh breath if you’re smiling with a chunk of chive wedged in between your two front teeth? Yup… even I’ve been caught like a deer in headlights in public because most people were too embarrassed to draw this beauty blunder to my attention. That was until I discovered Little i Mirror Mints – a sleek ’n chic tin packed with flavored mints and a handy mirror designed for make-up checks on the move. Slip the slender tin into any back pocket or purse and kiss those uncomfortable bouts of halitosis and humiliation goodbye.

Made with pretty pink packaging you’ll want to whip out at the dinner table, Mirror Mints are beyond fashionable. Choose from four compacts glitzed-up with girly graphics and giggly catchphrases such as Spoiled Rotten, Hottie, Flirt, Cute and High Maintenance. These minty marvels are so fun and affordable you’ll want to collect Mirror Mints for every occasion. Available in a variety of sugar-free flavors like peppermint, chocolate and citrus, these breath saviors will satisfy your sweet cravings without expanding your waistline. Be sure to look out for the new Card Holder Series Mirror Mints – the same punchy pills, packed in a reusable business card holder. Now that’s brilliant!

Visit for prices and store locations near you or contact 360-332-3258

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Shady Disposition

It’s summer in the city and I’m proud to say that I’m pasty white for the first time ever. Sure I’d look better with a subtle J. Lo glow (dark under-eye circles and spider veins always disappear with a tan), but after years of basking on the beach with a reflector and baby oil (I kid you not), tanorexia has gradually taken its toll. Premature chest wrinkles, crow’s feet and displastic moles sliced off my back keep me in a constant state of panic. At the ripe old age of 35, my dermatologist’s number is already programmed on speed dial… not exactly normal. While you can’t turn back the clock, it’s never too late to shield yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. Do yourself a favor and consider stocking-up on these derm-approved skin saviors.

imageYou no longer need to smuggle contraband sunscreen in from Canada to get broad-spectrum protection. After only 18 years, Anthelios, a super-charged sun block, was recently approved by the FDA. Why all the fuss? It’s packed with Mexoryl SX – the first organic filter to offer high-level protection against short UVA rays… the number one cause of aging. Anthelios SX Sunscreen • • $29 • 1-800-560-1803

Never mind stormy weather. Parasols have suddenly become the accessory du jour during sunny skies. Perfect for protecting your face and décolleté from damaging rays, this chic SunBlok number even features built-in UV protection, keeping you up to 10 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight. GustBuster SunBlok Parasol • • $32.49 • 1-888-487-8287

Keep suntans at bay with a stunning, wide-brimmed straw hat designed by Anne Depasquale. Hand-painted accents, silky ribbon bows and buckle embellishments add that extra bit of oomph. These haute toppers are made-to-measure in Anne’s Manhattan studio and take up to 6 weeks to make, so you’d be wise to place your order pronto. Anne Depasquale • • prices upon request • 646-263-5458

Throw on these stylish over-sized shades to protect your peepers from “blinde-ing” light and unwanted lines. Made by Blinde, the cutting-edge company that created the signature style for the lead cast of The Matrix, this sought-after shape is so cool, you’ll even want to wear ‘em at night. Blinde Perfectly Panicked Sunglasses • • $209 • 800-647-2345

Don’t even think about diving into a pool ‘til you’ve spritzed your strands with Kerastase Voile Protecteur, a magical mist with UV filters to prevent your hair from being singed in the sun. Spray it all over your head before heading-out-the-door to keep your locks shiny and silky all summer long.
Kerastaste – Voile Protecteur • • $34 • 877-254-9949

If you’re dying for that back-from-the-beach-vacation bronzage, play it safe by going faux. Fake ‘n bake on the fly with Benefit Cosmetics’ Jiffy Tan – a lightweight, tinted body lotion that glides on evenly, won’t streak and stays put for instant tanification. Benefit Cosmetics Jiffy Tan • • $24.00 • 800-781-2336

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Driving Divas

imageJust in time for the extended July 4th holiday weekend, I discovered the antidote for that “not-so-fresh-feeling” all of us women inevitably experience during long road trips. C’mon… we’ve all dealt with unexpected visits from aunt Flow (read: migraines and cramping). Now you can avoid all that stress (and mess!) and cruise calmly and cleanly, thanks to the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit. A fun ’n fashionable way to freshen up on the fly, the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit is conveniently equipped with every thinkable feminine first aid and survival tool for tackling the toughest of calamities. 

A portable pink tin packed with 22 beauty essentials ranging from tampons, mouthwash to chapstick, the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit will turn your next road trip from hell to swell. Simply stash the girly gingham container under your seat and flip the lid for dire emergencies. Remedy PMS cravings with a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate, headaches with a hint of aromatherapy oil, smelly pits with Dove anti-perspirant, broken nails with an emery board and even flat tires, thanks to the trusty changing instructions included. In fact, the campy lunchbox carrying case is so gorge, you’ll almost enjoy that unavoidable pit stop to the gas station bathroom. A word of friendly advice: just don’t file your nails while driving!

  • Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit
  • 509-844-4215
  • $29.95
  • Duh… final sale!
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