Driving Divas

imageJust in time for the extended July 4th holiday weekend, I discovered the antidote for that “not-so-fresh-feeling” all of us women inevitably experience during long road trips. C’mon… we’ve all dealt with unexpected visits from aunt Flow (read: migraines and cramping). Now you can avoid all that stress (and mess!) and cruise calmly and cleanly, thanks to the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit. A fun ’n fashionable way to freshen up on the fly, the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit is conveniently equipped with every thinkable feminine first aid and survival tool for tackling the toughest of calamities. 

A portable pink tin packed with 22 beauty essentials ranging from tampons, mouthwash to chapstick, the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit will turn your next road trip from hell to swell. Simply stash the girly gingham container under your seat and flip the lid for dire emergencies. Remedy PMS cravings with a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate, headaches with a hint of aromatherapy oil, smelly pits with Dove anti-perspirant, broken nails with an emery board and even flat tires, thanks to the trusty changing instructions included. In fact, the campy lunchbox carrying case is so gorge, you’ll almost enjoy that unavoidable pit stop to the gas station bathroom. A word of friendly advice: just don’t file your nails while driving!

  • Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit
  • 509-844-4215
  • safetygirl.com
  • $29.95
  • Duh… final sale!
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