Mirror-cle Mints

imageWhat’s so good about having fresh breath if you’re smiling with a chunk of chive wedged in between your two front teeth? Yup… even I’ve been caught like a deer in headlights in public because most people were too embarrassed to draw this beauty blunder to my attention. That was until I discovered Little i Mirror Mints – a sleek ’n chic tin packed with flavored mints and a handy mirror designed for make-up checks on the move. Slip the slender tin into any back pocket or purse and kiss those uncomfortable bouts of halitosis and humiliation goodbye.

Made with pretty pink packaging you’ll want to whip out at the dinner table, Mirror Mints are beyond fashionable. Choose from four compacts glitzed-up with girly graphics and giggly catchphrases such as Spoiled Rotten, Hottie, Flirt, Cute and High Maintenance. These minty marvels are so fun and affordable you’ll want to collect Mirror Mints for every occasion. Available in a variety of sugar-free flavors like peppermint, chocolate and citrus, these breath saviors will satisfy your sweet cravings without expanding your waistline. Be sure to look out for the new Card Holder Series Mirror Mints – the same punchy pills, packed in a reusable business card holder. Now that’s brilliant!

Visit littlei.com for prices and store locations near you or contact 360-332-3258

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