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Complexion Perfection

imageIt may have been cool to look like the Coppertone girl when we were eighteen, but now we know better than to bask in the sun George Hamilton-style. Years of tanorexia eventually take their toll (read: pre-mature wrinkling and age spots) and you have to accept your penance. While you can’t turn back the clock, you can repair any damage that’s been done, thanks to Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

A virtually painless in-office procedure that’s ideal for girls on the go, IPL (a.k.a. Photorejuvenation) produces younger, smoother-looking skin on the face, neck and chest, without the downtime or scarring from going under the knife. Created by Board-certified dermatologist, Patrick Bitter Jr. MD as a non-invasive method of improving the surface of the skin, IPL has since been a savior not only for people with fine lines, but also for those plagued by rosacea (serious facial redness and flushing), stretch marks, cellulite, broken capillaries and blotchy pigmentation. IPL’s ground-breaking laser technology works by zapping the damaged superficial layers of the skin and rebuilding the collagen, which promotes a more youthful, less prune-y-looking appearance over time.

Ready to put yourself on the program? Book an IPL consultation with a trained dermatologist who will customize a plan that’s right for you. Each 20-minute session (expect up to six, over three-week intervals) begins with a cooling gel to soothe the burning sensation, followed by a series of pulses of red light that feel like the snapping of a small rubber band. Finish off by applying a cold compress to the treated area for just a few minutes and out the door you go.

Beauty junkies beware: picture-perfect skin doesn’t come without a cost. Each IPL treatment ranges from $500 per session. And since the results aren’t permanent, you’ll need to budget for annual touch-ups.

To find an IPL specialist near you, visit or call 1-877-Lumenis.


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Frizz Be Gone

image Curly girls rejoice! Your bad hair days are finally over, thanks to the DevaSun Dryer. Geared specifically to tame the tresses of the kinky-haired clan, the DevaSun Dryer was designed by Devachan Salon co-owner, Denis DaSilva, to replicate how stylists use their hands (literally!) to cradle curls while they dry. A revolutionary device that diffuses hair just as gently as the pros, this most unusual hairdryer performs its magic by quelling frizz and banishing even the bushiest of Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fros. Since debuting at salons and specialty beauty stores last fall, Devachan’s “handy”-dandy dryer has been blowing away the competition.

Test-drive the DevaSun Dryer just once and we guarantee you’ll start loving your locks. Don’t let the Freddy Krueger-esque claw attached to the device scare ya. It’s only the DevaFuser, a removable plastic cradle modeled after DaSilva’s very own hand, which when placed around the perimeter of your head, produces singe-free, Shirley Temple ringlets that remain intact – results you’d never get with a conventional blower or flat diffuser. And thanks to the dryer’s powerful ion-generating technology (that’s 360 degree airflow), it does the deed fast and thoroughly, drying both strands on the surface as well as underneath, so you’ll never head out-the-door with damp roots.

Ready to rid yourself of that pesky Brillo-pad pouf once and for all? Cough-up the cash (only $185) and order a DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser today!

Check out the Re-Tales Blog for a step-by-step guide that showcases how Fashion Junkie coifs her curls.

The Retail Details!

Product: DevaSun Dryer and Deva Fuser

Where To Buy: &

Phone: 1-877-DEVA123 & 212-274-8686

Price: $185 (packaged together)

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DIY Dentistry


Snaggletooth sufferers no longer need to hide in the dark thanks to Invisalign – the clear and less conspicuous alternative to metal mouth.

A DIY-dentistry breakthrough, ideal for both business tycoons and fussy teens who refuse to wear geeky Ugly Betty wire braces, Invisalign’s customized aligner technology quickly straightens out crooked teeth, without the added pain (read: killer canker sores) and shame associated with traditional treatments. Created from translucent, custom-molded plastic that resembles tooth-whitening trays, each upper and lower attachment snaps off in a cinch so you can freely chow down without getting chunks of food stuck in them (corn on the cob anyone?). With regular cleaning (soap and water will do just fine), the trays will stay crystal clear so no one will even suspect you’re sporting them.

Ready to put your chompers on the program? Book a consultation with your ortho and within months, you’ll be smiling with confidence. All it takes is a 3-D computer-imaging scan of your jaw, followed by bite impressions, and you’ll have a set of 10 disposable aligner trays that, when worn sequentially, will gradually transform your teeth into a gorgeous Julia Roberts grin. Invisalign’s futuristic computer-generated program also enables you to view your virtual treatment plan before you begin, so you can see how straight your teeth will look when you’re finished.

So long as you can cough up the cash (a hefty $3500 and up), you’ll clearly see why Invisalign is worth the investment.

Check out the Re-Tales Blog for a bi-weekly account of Fashion Junkie’s own Invsalign tooth progression.

  • Invisalign
  • 408-470-1000
  • $3500 and up
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Bald Is Beautiful

Ahhh, the joys of prepping for bikini season: first, the grueling ten-day diet of cayenne pepper-infused lemon water (a.k.a. the Master Cleanse), tan-in-a-can (because we’re sun smart) and now, Brazilian waxing kits – the latest must-have addition to hit the DIY market.

Thanks to Diane Paisley, President & Provocateur of Just Kittyng, you can now put an end to embarrassing SHS (stray hair syndrome) from the privacy of your own bathroom (c’mon, we’ve all been there!). Yup, you can have barely any hair “down there” whenever and wherever you want. Fully loaded with all the latest essentials for crafting the perfect pubic zone, Paisley’s practical and portable grooming kits contain everything from ouch-free waxing strips, soothing gel, heart-shaped stencil art, a miniature plastic comb, scissors and tweezers for tugging at those pesky ingrown hairs and hard-to-reach spots. For those of the faint of heart, stash Paisley’s pretty stencil art kits in your purse and ask your local aesthetician to do the dirty work. Choose from an assortment of titillating shapes such as arrows, lightening bolts, stars, tulips and X’s (my oh my!). No DIY bikini wax would be complete without Just Kittying Shave Me  – a soothing, rash-free cream that leaves skin super soft and supple.

What’s next for this devilish diva? Paisley says to keep your privates peeled for yummy flavored stimulators (mmm cinnamon) and “low-lip” chapstick… no kidding!

  • Just Kittyng
  • 1-866-WAXXING
  • Just Kittyng Grooming Kit, $39.95; Bikini Art Kits, $18.95; Just Kittyng Shave Me, $7.50 (1oz) – $13.95 (4oz)
  • Final sale on all items
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Balm Ambition


Bring out your inner goddess with Balmshell – 15 smooch-able high-shine glosses that are guaranteed to get you smiling and giggling. Inspired by a float art pen spotted at a posh Toronto shop, identical twins (and blond bombshells themselves), Fiona and Jenny Lees, ditched the corporate world two years ago to create a luxe lip-gloss line unlike anything on the market.

Formulated with an ultra moisturizing, non-sticky and slightly shimmery finish, Balmshell is unlike anything you’ve put on your pout. However… Balmshell’s real twist is in the packaging. Made from reusable float art designs, each tube of gloss uncovers a series of quirky sliding scenes depicting a day in the life of a fashionista. Swipe on Shopaholic, a sheer baby-pink gloss, then tilt the end of the tube to watch a woman walking into a store and leaving with a bag-carrying doorman in tow. Other shades you’ll be tempted to try include: Shoe Fetish (sheer hot fuchsia), Curse of the Purse (sheer peachy cream) and That’s So 80’s (retro mauve). There’s even a limited-edition assortment for brides-to-be, Today’s The Day (clear gloss), and hipster moms, Yummy Mummy (light mocha brown). Just don’t toss those tubes once the gloss is gone – each handle unscrews and reattaches to a cute keychain that’s included inside, so you can fawn over your favorite float art forever.

Having canvassed the smackers of beauty junkies from Great Britain to Canada, the Balmshell gals are living proof that blondes have brains, as well as more fun.

Available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada, Selfridges & Co. throughout the U.K and Hendri Bendel in NYC. Shop online at to see all the funky float art designs in action!

  • Balmshell
  • $22 per gloss
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