White Out

imageA long, hot shower followed by a quick swipe of deodorant may be all it takes to banish B.O., but what about that clumpy armpit residue that leaves its mark on your clothing? C’mon, we’ve all been caught from time to time sporting zebra stripes along the sides of our solid black tanks. Since feeling clean is only part of the equation, I was tickled pink when I discovered Gal Pal – a genius garment deodorant remover pad ideal for both cotton and delicate silk fabrics.

Before Gal Pal, I was always worrying about ruining my favorite little black dress even before heading out the door. With Gal Pal, there’s no need to change clothes or waste time (and money) dashing off to the nearest dry cleaner. Simply grab the reusable sponge, swipe it gently with the grain of the garment, and watch those pesky white streaks magically disappear. Best of all, those messy marks should be buffed dry so you needn’t stress about soaking your outfit. And for banishing those annoying fuzz balls (a.k.a. sweater pilling) and crusty food bits, try Travel Gal Pal, a 2-sided pad with contrasting textures that work well together. The coarser gray flip side doubles as a lint brush and fabric fuzz buster (sans batteries), while the softer pink side buffs everything away for a smooth, smudge-free finish. Place it in its pretty, portable pouch and you can stay gorgeously groomed even on the go.

  • Gal Pal Original & Travel Gal Pal
  • 866-GAL-PAL8
  • gal-pal.com
  • $10 (Original Gal Pal); $12.50 (Travel Gal Pal)
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