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Snaggletooth sufferers no longer need to hide in the dark thanks to Invisalign – the clear and less conspicuous alternative to metal mouth.

A DIY-dentistry breakthrough, ideal for both business tycoons and fussy teens who refuse to wear geeky Ugly Betty wire braces, Invisalign’s customized aligner technology quickly straightens out crooked teeth, without the added pain (read: killer canker sores) and shame associated with traditional treatments. Created from translucent, custom-molded plastic that resembles tooth-whitening trays, each upper and lower attachment snaps off in a cinch so you can freely chow down without getting chunks of food stuck in them (corn on the cob anyone?). With regular cleaning (soap and water will do just fine), the trays will stay crystal clear so no one will even suspect you’re sporting them.

Ready to put your chompers on the program? Book a consultation with your ortho and within months, you’ll be smiling with confidence. All it takes is a 3-D computer-imaging scan of your jaw, followed by bite impressions, and you’ll have a set of 10 disposable aligner trays that, when worn sequentially, will gradually transform your teeth into a gorgeous Julia Roberts grin. Invisalign’s futuristic computer-generated program also enables you to view your virtual treatment plan before you begin, so you can see how straight your teeth will look when you’re finished.

So long as you can cough up the cash (a hefty $3500 and up), you’ll clearly see why Invisalign is worth the investment.

Check out the Re-Tales Blog for a bi-weekly account of Fashion Junkie’s own Invsalign tooth progression.

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  • $3500 and up
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