Balm Ambition


Bring out your inner goddess with Balmshell – 15 smooch-able high-shine glosses that are guaranteed to get you smiling and giggling. Inspired by a float art pen spotted at a posh Toronto shop, identical twins (and blond bombshells themselves), Fiona and Jenny Lees, ditched the corporate world two years ago to create a luxe lip-gloss line unlike anything on the market.

Formulated with an ultra moisturizing, non-sticky and slightly shimmery finish, Balmshell is unlike anything you’ve put on your pout. However… Balmshell’s real twist is in the packaging. Made from reusable float art designs, each tube of gloss uncovers a series of quirky sliding scenes depicting a day in the life of a fashionista. Swipe on Shopaholic, a sheer baby-pink gloss, then tilt the end of the tube to watch a woman walking into a store and leaving with a bag-carrying doorman in tow. Other shades you’ll be tempted to try include: Shoe Fetish (sheer hot fuchsia), Curse of the Purse (sheer peachy cream) and That’s So 80’s (retro mauve). There’s even a limited-edition assortment for brides-to-be, Today’s The Day (clear gloss), and hipster moms, Yummy Mummy (light mocha brown). Just don’t toss those tubes once the gloss is gone – each handle unscrews and reattaches to a cute keychain that’s included inside, so you can fawn over your favorite float art forever.

Having canvassed the smackers of beauty junkies from Great Britain to Canada, the Balmshell gals are living proof that blondes have brains, as well as more fun.

Available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada, Selfridges & Co. throughout the U.K and Hendri Bendel in NYC. Shop online at to see all the funky float art designs in action!

  • Balmshell
  • $22 per gloss
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