imageThanks to a regular routine of waxing, threading and tweezing my brows since my teens, I’m now stuck with thin, alien-like arches. Since eyebrow hair rarely grows back on its own as we age (and at 35 I’m no spring chicken), I’ve turned to Brow Boost, an au natural follicle enhancer. Perfect for women who have a tendency to over-pluck, Brow Boost’s protein-packed formula gradually conditions, repairs and even restores hair growth.

Try Brow Boost and you just might be able to sport those sought after Brooke Shields brows you’ve been dreaming about. Like a Chia Pet for your peepers, Brow Boost, when regularly applied above your lids, will magically sprout thick ’n healthy strands you haven’t seen in years. Simply swipe the handy applicator wand to any sparse areas along your brow line and in less than one month, you’ll begin to see new hair growth. And since a well-arched brow can radically improve your appearance, Brow Boost can be a low cost, non-surgical alternative to an eyelift. Plus, it’s safe for all skin types and contact lens wearers.

For a real eye-opening experience, it’s worth investing in the complete Brow Babe Kit. For only $44.95, you’ll get Brow Boost (overnight hair stimulator), Brow Powder (blonde, taupe and raven hues for sculpting your new-found brows), Brow Gel (for holding pesky strays in place and a polished finish) and Brow Brush (an angled tool that perfectly blends brow powder).

Because a face is like a work of art and deserves a great frame, stop brow-beatin’ and give ‘em the nourishment they need.

  • Billion Dollar Brows
  • 800-763-4919
  • billiondollarbrows.com
  • $19.95 for Brow Boost; $44.95 for Brow Babes Kit w/Brush
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