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imageWhen it comes to perfume, I must admit, I’ve never been much of a fan. You see, every time I’ve spritzed on a designer fragrance, be it Chanel Number 5 (too floral-y), Issey Miyake (too fruity) or Norell (smells like my grandmother), the following allergic reaction immediately ensues: incessant sneezing, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and abnormal breathing. Ok, I clearly can’t cope with the artificial ingredients packed in traditional perfumes, so I’ve found the next best alternative, Rich Hippie – a luxe, organic fragrance line made without harmful, convulsion-inducing chemicals.

An intoxicating lineup of 22 synthetic-free scents, Rich Hippie is safe for the environment and your health. Formulated using old-world French perfume manufacturing techniques, Rich Hippie is derived from natural California grapes rather than harmful, man-made petroleum alcohol found in conventional (and cheaper) brands. It’s also completely devoid of nasty pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and growth hormones that are known to cause cancer (yikes!).

Made from the finest exotic ingredients from around the globe, Rich Hippie, when applied to your pulse points, is guaranteed to bring out your inner flower child. Rich Hippie perfume is so fresh and light, it won’t overwhelm anyone within close quarters such as elevators or cramped fitness studios. Choose from a slew of peace-inducing scents including Woodstock (a spiritual blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and frankincense), Rich Hippie (my personal fave), Bohemian Wedding (earthy floral notes of patchouli and citrus), Hoochie Coochie (a sweet ‘n sexy romantic floral), Marrakech (wild and hypnotic balsam, cedarwood and North African rose) and Psychedelic (a mysterious mix of Madagascan ginger root and vanilla bean).

Not a fragrance for vagrants, a sleek ½ oz. vial (the smallest size) of Rich Hippie will set you back $225. Fortunately, just one pill-sized dab of its potent formula goes a long way. Peace out!

  • Rich Hippie Perfume
  • 310-475-7658
  • rich-hippie.com
  • $225 for a ½ oz. vial; $775 for a 2 oz. vial; sample kits run between $15-$35
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