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imageThanks to a recent trip to my scissor-happy stylist, I’m now sporting a mod, Victoria Beckham-like bob that looks great – so long as it’s blow-dryed straight. But, since it springs up to my ears during it’s naturally curly state and I’m fearful of being mistaken for a 12-year old boy, New York Clip-On Hair Extensions has become my new best friend.

Perfect for those who don’t have the patience to grow out a ghastly cut (I’m talking to you, Britney!), New York Clip-On Hair Extensions can magically give you gorgeous, flowing Pantene-like locks. Unlike synthetic brands on the market, these extensions are made from top quality human hair to perfectly match the texture and color of your natural mane. Virtually weightless and undetectable, each six-piece clip-on set comes in straight, wavy, curly or kinky styles in a variety of lengths (from 5 ½” to 8 ½ ” triple-wefted napes) along with over 400 color combinations that suit single-tone, highlights, lowlights and multi-tonal shades.

imageWhen you want that sought after Gisele Bündchen bouffant, simply clamp the clip-in hairpieces onto different sections of your scalp and, in a matter of minutes you’ll have picture perfect, runway-ready locks. Since each strand is sealed with a durable, shine-enhancing formula, you can even style your new-found do with curling irons, blow-dryers, straightening irons or rollers, making them ideal for weddings and other formal affairs.

Ideal for time-pressed prima donnas, New York Clip-On Hair Extensions allow you to create dozens of chic styles such as low-slung ponytails and sexy chignons, none of which require pricy and professional salon application. Unlike traditional hair extension glue-ins, weave-ins and plastic adhesions (ouch!), New York Clip-On Hair Extensions are reusable and won’t damage your hair. Another added benefit: they can last for years, so long as you clean ‘em regularly with conditioning shampoo. Ever since spotting clumps of curls clogging my shower drain, I bought enough to last a lifetime.

  • New York Clip-On Hair Extensions
  • 212-682-9262
  • $350 (includes six-piece set)
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