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imageIn preparation for my upcoming holiday trip to London, I’ve been putting together a list of packing essentials. Since it’s a long haul from JFK to Heathrow, there’s no way I’m heading overseas without my trusty tube of Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara – the perfect antidote for perking-up tired, jet-lagged peepers. Try Volume Glamour Mascara and its ultra-thickening formula will give your flappers a major boost.

Ideal for absent-minded girls on the go (including yours truly), Volume Glamour Mascara comes equipped with a handy charm that conveniently clips onto any cell phone, camera or purse. Tote the compact tube around and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your mascara again. Gimmicky packaging aside, Volume Glamour Mascara’s ingredients are guaranteed to get your pupils dilated. Packed with vitamin B5 and other natural thickening properties such as carnauba and rice wax, Volume Glamour Mascara will give you those sought after Twiggy-style lashes after just one swipe. Plus, the full roller brush adds 50% more volume than you’ll find from traditional drugstore brands.

Now that I carry Volume Glamour Mascara to weddings and tearjerker movies, I no longer need to rummage through my purse to reapply. Now if only I could remember where I left my cell phone.

  • Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara
  • sephora.com
  • $8 per tube
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