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Bling It On!

As a Shopping Editor, I’ve come across a lot of cool online resources in my time, but nothing compares to the functionality of LupRocks. A virtual showroom that connects fine jewelry and accessories designers directly to top editors and stylists throughout the U.S., LupRocks is a subscription-based service that, simply put… rocks! For example, paid “Siren” members can post bulletins on the “Desperately Seeking” section to avoid a last-minute showroom scramble when searching for specific items such as big cuff bracelets, chunky rings and necklaces for film sets and fashion spreads (I even came across a “private” post for Stacy London’s soon-to-air show, Fashionably Late… cool!). Whether you’re “desperately seeking” frame bags, over-sized sunglasses, fedoras or lockets, this luxe online resource has it all.

Even if you’re not a media maven, you can still benefit from LupRocks. Simply sign-in and browse through the impressive roster of categories (over 200 designer listings!), including belts, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, shoes, sunglasses and watches. Not only will you be up-to-date on all the latest and greatest finds (designer listings include bios and corresponding product photos), but you’ll also be the first to know about upcoming trunkshows and other fun-filled industry events. Visit for more information.

In case you’re wondering, the beautiful baubles featured in the above photo are by Kimberly Baker.

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Jet Setter

As if getting strip-searched by the airport screener isn’t humiliating enough, having your beloved cosmetics confiscated and tossed away before your very eyes is a downright toiletry travesty. With carry-on restrictions more confusing than ever, you really have to know what you can pack before heading out the door. Thanks to a bevy of trusty, liquid-free alternatives to hit the market, there’s no need to check your luggage (unless you’re an overpacker like me). From toothpaste powder to solid perfumes and shampoos, today’s flier-friendly cosmetics will not only save you time and money from having to replenish your ditched toiletries, but are so first class, you just might want them for your home.

imageThis multi-purpose conditioning balm works wonders for dry cuticles, chapped lips, sandpaper-like hands and even blemishes. Toss the tiny gold tin into your tote and slather it on as needed. But remember… a little balm goes a long way.
SolarBalm, $10, available at

Say sayonara to unexpected spills and cracked containers with this dry, jasmine-scented shampoo and conditioning bar. Soak the disk under water, rub it against wet hair, et voila… your strands will suddenly be soft and squeaky clean. Make sure to lay the disk flat to dry before repacking. Lush Solid Godiva Shampoo & Conditioner, $8.75, available at

Dark colors look divine, but sporting chipped polish in public is a bonafide beauty blunder. Strip away unwanted streaks in a flash with leak–proof, single use remover pads for fabulous, party perfect nails. Lippmann Collection “The Stripper To Go”, $8.00, available at

Stop stubborn messes and unwanted germs in seconds with pre-moistened towelettes. Whether you’re a victim of sticky fingers or runny mascara, you’ll be good to go after one swift swipe.
Face 25 Makeup Removing Wipes, $10, available at

Freshen-up on the fly with this sweet-smelling, vanilla-infused perfume solid. Dab your finger into the pot and rub a pea-sized amount onto your wrists and temples for that shower-fresh feeling from taxi take-off ’til touch down.
Stila Creme Bouquet Perfume Solid, $20, available at

Powder for your pearly whites… who knew? Place a few flakes under luke-warm water and brush away for a foamy, minty fresh mouth. Believe it or not, this little plastic pouch contains enough powder for up to 400 brushes!
Toothfresh Toothpaste Powder, $5.95, available at


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Think Pink!

Given that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month*, I thought it only fitting to inform you of ways you can be fashionable while supporting a worthy cause. From cozy cashmere sweaters to blingy bangles, never has giving felt and looked so good. To help you separate the chic from the shlock, here’s a round-up of my top fundraising frocks and accessory picks:

imageThis limited-edition, patent croco leather clutch instantly punches-up any ensemble. The punky silver hardware along the top adds that extra hint of glam. Rebecca Minkoff “Kiss & Make-Up” Clutch, $115, available exclusively at 75% of sales from each bag will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.



Fearlessly flash your fanny with these comfy Cosabella thongs, made from pliable polyamide so they won’t constantly ride up your rear. Cosabella Hope Thong, $24, available at Every $1 per thong sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



Sport this timeless water-resistant watch on your wrist and you’ll want to be fashionably early, no matter what the function. The 4 Swarovski crystal markers beneath the face make it that much more irresistible. Breast Cancer Awareness Coach Bridle Classic Watch, $298, available at $100 from the sale of each timepiece goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



imageProudly show off your tatas with this fitted cashmere sweater. The flirty pink bow adds a perfect touch of femininity. Lauren Hanson’s Breast Cancer Awareness Sweater, $174, available at 100 % of proceeds benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.




What’s not to love about this “charming” bracelet? Makes an ideal gift for any girl who wants a bit of bling and good fortune. Marc by Marc Jacobs Charm Bracelet, $88, available exclusively at 50% of proceeds from each sale will benefit the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.



Calling all New Yorkers! Mark your calendars for this week’s Boobie Bar Tour, sponsored by Feel Your Boobies, a non-profit organization focused on awareness and prevention of breast cancer in men and women.  Select bars in the East Village and Lower East Side will feature drink specials, as well as provide Feel Your Boobies information to all patrons from October 11th-14th.  Come early for t-shirts, tattoos, and more! For more information, visit and


*The fact remains, 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer according to a recent study by the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. To read more about these startling statistics and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones, visit,, and


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Night Owl

imageWhen shopping for clothes, I always look for three things: quality, convenience and customer service. Call me lazy, but since I live within spitting distance of the bustling Union Square hood, I frequently stroll over to Owl’s Lab (formerly known as Addict), an haute East 12th St. hideaway that consistently fits all of my fashion criteria.

Nestled in a neighborhood saturated with crowded mega-chains like Strawberry, DSW and Forever 21, Owl’s Lab is a refreshingly chic shopper’s retreat. Ideal for working city gals who do give a hoot about what they wear, this sleek boutique regularly stocks a stellar selection of day-to-night staples. Rather than crowd the racks with a mishmash of merch, Owl’s Lab prides itself on handpicking a selection of brands that seamlessly work together to create utterly stylish and wearable wardrobes. Just last month, I visited the store on one of my personal-shopping tours with a client who bought some snazzy going-out essentials such as a silky LaROK halter shirt, wide-legged Citizen jeans, a billowy Development blouse and an Ella Moss sweater dress. If she wasn’t paying for my services, I’m sure we would’ve duked-it-out over Alice & Olivia’s sequin strip dress, C&C California’s casual tunic tops (because you can never have enough basics), Chaiken’s cashmere trench, Rodnik’s to-die-for purple popcorn dress, a smokin’ Eugena Kim fedora and a cinched Kooba shoulder bag.

Thanks to the staff’s undivided attention and hands-on approach (ask for Liza and she’ll personally pull items for your body and budget), Owl’s Lab has garnered a cult following. In fact, even indie celebs’ Maggie Gyllenhaal and Parkey Posey make regular pit stops. But you need not be a local to dress like one, now that your favorite Owl’s Lab frocks can be found online. Now isn’t that wise!

Exclusive deal just for YOU!
Owl’s Lab is offering Fashion Junkie subscribers 20% off any online purchase of your choice from Friday, October 5th through Friday, October 12th, 2007. To redeem this special offer, simply go to, make your selection and enter the promo code “FJFIX” upon checkout. Happy shopping!

  • Ow’s Lab
  • 20 East 12th Street (btw University Pl. and 5th Ave.)
  • 212-633-2672
  • 12-7pm, Monday-Sunday
  • $100-$600
  • returns or exchanges on merchandise* within 10 days of purchase. Final sale on discounted purchases, shoes, handbags and accessories. *Merchandise does not include final sale on discounted purchases and accessories.
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imageThanks to a regular routine of waxing, threading and tweezing my brows since my teens, I’m now stuck with thin, alien-like arches. Since eyebrow hair rarely grows back on its own as we age (and at 35 I’m no spring chicken), I’ve turned to Brow Boost, an au natural follicle enhancer. Perfect for women who have a tendency to over-pluck, Brow Boost’s protein-packed formula gradually conditions, repairs and even restores hair growth.

Try Brow Boost and you just might be able to sport those sought after Brooke Shields brows you’ve been dreaming about. Like a Chia Pet for your peepers, Brow Boost, when regularly applied above your lids, will magically sprout thick ’n healthy strands you haven’t seen in years. Simply swipe the handy applicator wand to any sparse areas along your brow line and in less than one month, you’ll begin to see new hair growth. And since a well-arched brow can radically improve your appearance, Brow Boost can be a low cost, non-surgical alternative to an eyelift. Plus, it’s safe for all skin types and contact lens wearers.

For a real eye-opening experience, it’s worth investing in the complete Brow Babe Kit. For only $44.95, you’ll get Brow Boost (overnight hair stimulator), Brow Powder (blonde, taupe and raven hues for sculpting your new-found brows), Brow Gel (for holding pesky strays in place and a polished finish) and Brow Brush (an angled tool that perfectly blends brow powder).

Because a face is like a work of art and deserves a great frame, stop brow-beatin’ and give ‘em the nourishment they need.

  • Billion Dollar Brows
  • 800-763-4919
  • $19.95 for Brow Boost; $44.95 for Brow Babes Kit w/Brush
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