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Amp-up the cool quotient on anything in your wardrobe with wild ‘n wacky, head-turning accessories from Cynthia Ferraro Creations. Definitely not for wallflowers, this avant-garde yet affordable jewelry line, created by Canadian artist, Cynthia Ferraro, is the best thing to happen to bijoux since those stackable, Madonna-inspired neon gummy bracelets we sported up to our elbows in the early ‘80’s. Not your Bubby’s baubles, Cynthia’s one-of-a-kind trinkets are causing a commotion from the streets of Montreal to Manhattan. Touted for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, Cynthia’s handmade candy-colored necklaces, earrings and rings are instant conversation starters.

Eco-friendly fanatics will be happy to know that every core item in the collection is constructed from recycled plastic that’s first heated, then molded into wearable works of art. Nothing gets tossed in the trash. The end result is an explosive fusion of color, ranging from purple cable-cord necklaces with chunky crystals to red button rings blended with miniature hoops and copper coin earrings woven with strands of frayed, fuchsia yarn. Just wait ‘til you set your sights on the kid’s selection – an unbelievably hip roster of rings topped with everything from mini-shaped gingerbread to teddy bears.

Some pearls of wisdom: Cynthia’s inventory sells out super fast, so place those phone orders pronto…

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Asian Inspiration

Stuck in a fashion rut? Don’t sweat it – transform your wardrobe from ho-hum to hurrah with Asian-accented apparel and accoutrements from Han Feng. Fashion designer by day and gourmand by night, this international tastemaker is shaking things up in her native Shanghai and here in the West. What started out as a small, impromptu collection of pleated silk scarves (which can double as sexy shawls and shrugs) has since morphed into a coveted line of edgy clothing, jaw-dropping jewelry and elegant crystal-encrusted silk handbags. 

Known for creating the vivid Asian-inspired costumes for last season’s Madama Butterfly opera in New York and London, Feng’s Spring ‘07 collection showcases a similar theme. A fantastic fusion of East meets West, her designs combine silky silhouettes and natural fibers with multi-colored checkerboard prints, striped patterns with oversized flowers, polka dots and butterflies.

Even more head turning are her handcrafted pearl necklace concoctions. Not your grandma’s pearls, these super-sized, avant-garde South Seas strands are guaranteed conversation starters.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is made from the highest quality materials in the Mainland, from cleavage-plunging, double-stranded jade pendants to chic freshwater chokers with knotted silk ribbon details. Now that the complete line is available at New York’s upscale AsiaStore, there’s no excuse for feeling jade-ed.

  • Asia Society
  • 725 Park Avenue, New York
  • 212-327-9217
  • Mon.-Sun., 11-6pm; Friday until 9pm
  • $75-$300 (clothes and accessories); $375-$1000 (pearl necklaces)
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