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Spring Fling Part Deux: White Out

Yigal Azrouel Python Moto Jacket

Yigal Azrouel Python Moto Jacket

The one benefit of recurring insomnia is that I have plenty of time to troll my favorite e-boutiques, including Ssense, Intermix and Net-a-Porter. During last night’s 5-hour bout, I managed to find several spring must-haves that made my heart race.

Single Sole Pump

I’ve been searching for the perfect white pump for the past several weeks and finally found my sole mate: this simple yet futuristic pair by McQ Alexander McQueen. What sold me on these beauties are the standout details, including the slashed heel collar (unbelievably edgy), pencil-thin patent heel and walkable ( at least in my world) 3.9″ height. Plus, they’ll work equally well with all of the pastel and neon-hued pieces I recently purchased from Aritzia. Available at (more…)

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Spring Fling

Given that most of us don’t have the luxury of time on our side, I thought I’d do you all a favor and highlight some of the standout spring ’13 pieces I recently spotted at some of my favorite NYC stomping grounds.

Spring has spring at Aritzia!

Spring has spring at Aritzia!

Part One: Aritzia

I keep my wardrobe fresh and fabulous thanks to regular visits at this Canadian-based shopping shrine. While somewhat new to the New York retail scene, Aritzia has been my go-to spot for innovative, on-trend and affordable staples for the past two decades (yup… I’m that old.) Most of their private label brands (T. Babaton and Wilfred are my favorites) are available in size XXS and 00 – a godsend if you happen to have a petite frame like me and want to avoid time consuming trips to the tailor. Thanks to weekly sojourns at the SoHo location (they also have a massive Fifth Avenue location), the friendly staff know me by name and treat me like royalty (hello, Tina!). Plus, the sales people aren’t pushy and happen to be honest – a rarity in retail. Without further adieu, my current house label favorites: (more…)

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Barbados Boondoggle

La Vida Loca - Hilton Barbados Resort

La Vida Loca – Hilton Barbados Resort

Aside from bingeing on shoes and dark chocolate, the next best thing for curing the winter blues is immersing yourself in the sun. So when my hubby recently informed me he was heading on a 4-day business trip to Barbados, which conveniently coincided with Valentine’s Day, I decided to tag along.  (more…)

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Toddler Ear Piercing: How Young Is Too Young?

Mommy, Can I Get My Ears Pierced, Please...

Mommy, Can I Get My Ears Pierced, Please…

Aside from my wedding ring, I’ve never been big on wearing baubles. Guess I’ve always been a Tomboy at heart. Much to my husbands chagrin, I’ll randomly bust out a pearl necklace or bling it up with a pair of diamond studs – typically reserved for special occasions. I’ve even boycotted watches since Highschool (remember Swatch?) and hate the thought of anything dangling from my wrist, neck, ears or ankle. So you can image my disbelief upon hearing my three year-old daughter demand to get her ears pierced the other day.

Silly me for thinking clip-on barrettes in Lola’s beloved Jewfro would be enough. Just the sheer thought of pierced ears on a toddler brings visions of JonBenet Ramsey dancing in my head.  The next thing you know, she’ll want to audition for TLC’s child beauty pageant show, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” something I would never condone.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to deprive my daughter of these fun life experiences. After all, I do file her nails and occasionally polish them with Piggy Paint. Call me prudish, but I always envisioned a few more years ’til girly requests such as ear piercing came up. Guess that’s to be expected when you send your kids to pre-school in New York. Perhaps the biggest dilemma I’ll inevitably have to deal with: what to do when Lola’s twin brother, Noah, begs to do the same.

For any parents out there: at what age did you decide to pierce your toddler’s ears? Looking forward to reading about your experiences.


Fashion Junkie

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Say It Ain’t So. Silver Is The New Black!

R13 Metallic Painted Skinny Jeans

R13 Metallic Painted Skinny Jeans

In my ongoing quest to find the perfect pointy-toe pump (a classic style that instantly elongates your legs), I came across a few resort ’13 standouts worth sharing. Not that I actually need any of these nor do I have the disposable income to warrant such frivolity. Then again, chasing toddler twins on the cobblestone streets Dumbo, Brooklyn in 4″ metallic stilettos (the shade du jour this spring), just might pave the way to my pursuit of happiness.  (more…)

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