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Hot or Not… Hosiery at the Office?


With my move to Brooklyn just three weeks away, I finally started the hellish task of cleaning out my crammed closet. Thanks to three years of accumulation (lets face it, purging is a bitch), I completely lost track of what I own, including a clear plastic bin filled with (gasp!)… nude Silks panty-hose!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I was caught sporting a pair of nude panty hose in public, let alone the office (possibly the early ‘90’s). In my humble opinion, wearing nude hose – especially during summer months, is one of the worst fashion crimes you can commit. On occasion, I will don black opaque tights during chillier winter months, but nude panty hose in this day and age…. fuh-ged-a-boudit! 

Coincidentally, The Wall Street Journal published an article about this very same clothing conundrum the other week. In case you missed it, the premise of the article is that women everywhere are peeling off their panty hose year round – even at the office. Lets face it: panty hose are uncomfortable to wear, especially during sweltering summer temps. Not to mention, they’re flat out frumpy!

Apparently, many Gen Y and Gen X-ers have never even purchased panty hose, and baby boomers who grew up having to wear hosiery at work are now opting to go bare. Not surprisingly, this sudden nationwide shift to bare legs at the office has caused a stir. Conservative business managers who work at old-school offices feel that panty hose are more polished, making them mandatory for women who work in the corporate world… even under pants!

What’s your take on the workplace panty hose policy? Wear or go bare? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!

In case you’re wondering, I’m about to toss my entire bin of Silks panty hose. Any takers? Yeah, right…

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Castor & Pollux NYC Sample Sale!

imageNew York fashionistas, get your credit cards ready! Castor & Pollux, a quaint West Village boutique, is throwing a blowout spring sample sale you won’t wanna miss!

Stop by their showroom today and tomorrow to save up to 80% off (I repeat, 80% off!) big name designer brands including Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Mint, Mina Stone, Rodebjer, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Filippa K, Alexandre Herchkovitch, Acne and so many others!
Also not-to-be-missed are the deeply discounted shoes, belts, baubles and Castor & Pollux’s famous logo tees and sweats.

With a sale of this magnitude, it’ll be worth playing hookey for. Just don’t tell your boss we told you to do so!

Happy shopping!

  • The Retail Details!

  • What: Castor & Pollux Sample Sale
  • When: Wednesday, June 11th & Thursday, June 12th
  • Time: 10am to 7pm
  • Where: 265 West 37th Street, Suite 703, NYC
  • Phone: 212-268-8774
  • Website:
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Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

In case the thought may have crossed your mind, I haven’t been neglecting you. I simply didn’t send out a Fashion Junkie Fix last week due to the Memorial Day holiday. Cut me some slack… a girl’s gotta take time off for some power shopping every now and then! But I’m back now (better dressed although much poorer), with a round-up of this week’s “Re-Tales” posts:

Fashion Junkie Featured on ABC NewsRadio… and!
When it rains, it pours! Not only was just featured in The Wall Street Journal, but FJ also provided tips for a live Komo 1000 NewsRadio broadcast in Seattle (ABC affiliate) about finding bargains in the depressed economy. To hear the voice behind the caricature, tune in right here!

Plus, our friends at, a sassy fashion PR source, just featured a Q&A with FJ on a host of topics ranging from blogging to shopping. Click here to read the complete profile!

imageLook Out for Luxury “Flash Sale” Sites!
Have you been invited to shop at yet? In case you haven’t joined the club yet, Ideeli is a members-only luxury sample-sale site that’s the biggest thing to happen to shopping since Al Gore “invented” the Internet. In fact, I just wrote about this trend on the Fashion Junkie “Re-Tales” Blog. Read the post right here!

imageExclusive Deal Just For YOU!
Since Fashion Junkie is all about sharing the love, we’ve arranged a FREE membership to exclusively for FJ subscribers. Once you’ve signed-up, you’ll receive an e-vite to a new designer sale each day, from deeply discounted Prada purses to Gucci shades! Plus, when you register, you’ll automatically get $25 off any Ideeli item of your choice. Happy shopping!

If you have a fashion emergency or need some retail therapy, drop me a line at!

-Fashion Junkie


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Steal vs. Splurge: Fringe Movement

A few months ago, I lost total control and blew my weekend getaway on an haute Katherine Kwei handbag. In case you’re not familiar with the New York-based designer, Katherine is known for creating signature fringe-like leather shoulder bags, totes and clutches like the one shown here (they look like they’ve gone through a paper shredder). While a tad pricey ($125 – $2150), these wearable works of art are worth the investment.

imageCan’t stomach the thought of spending that much on shoulder candy? Don’t sweat it… I found the perfect low-cost substitute: this multi-colored leather fringe clutch from Latico (a.k.a. the LeCirque). While it’s not as polished and doesn’t have the intricately curled “eternity knots” along the bottom, Latico’s recession-friendly number is a tad roomier and the wooden handle is an added bonus. Priced at only $97, why not purchase one in solid black and brown too?

Steep: Donna evening clutch, $610, visit for a list of retailers

Cheap: LeCirque multi-colored leather fringe clutch, $97, available at (also comes in solid brown and black)

Which clutch do you prefer? The steep or cheap style? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!


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Lara Kazan & Kayla Designs: Blowout NYC Sample Sale!

imageNow that sex is back in the city, get the look that won’t strain your checkbook!

Join designers Lara Kazan and Keri Starker, of Kayla Designs, for a night of shopping, schmoozing and sipping cocktails.

Load up on Lara’s luxe, handmade knits (sweaters, capes, vests and ‘80’s-inspired leg wear) and Keri’s head-turning, handmade jewelry (exotic semi-precious stones), all of which are typically sold at Henri Bendels and other high end boutiques for up to 80% off retail! I repeat, 80% off retail!

The Retail Details!
What: Lara Kazan & Kayla Designs: Blowout NYC Sample Sale!
When: Tuesday, June 3rd
Time: 4:30 pm–8:30pm
Where: 555 8th Ave, NYC (btw 37th & 38th), suite 1701
Payment Type: Visa/Mastercard and cold-hard cash

And don’t forget to bring your appetite… there will be wine and cheese!

Happy shopping!

-Fashion Junkie

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