Steal vs. Splurge: Fringe Movement

A few months ago, I lost total control and blew my weekend getaway on an haute Katherine Kwei handbag. In case you’re not familiar with the New York-based designer, Katherine is known for creating signature fringe-like leather shoulder bags, totes and clutches like the one shown here (they look like they’ve gone through a paper shredder). While a tad pricey ($125 – $2150), these wearable works of art are worth the investment.

imageCan’t stomach the thought of spending that much on shoulder candy? Don’t sweat it… I found the perfect low-cost substitute: this multi-colored leather fringe clutch from Latico (a.k.a. the LeCirque). While it’s not as polished and doesn’t have the intricately curled “eternity knots” along the bottom, Latico’s recession-friendly number is a tad roomier and the wooden handle is an added bonus. Priced at only $97, why not purchase one in solid black and brown too?

Steep: Donna evening clutch, $610, visit for a list of retailers

Cheap: LeCirque multi-colored leather fringe clutch, $97, available at (also comes in solid brown and black)

Which clutch do you prefer? The steep or cheap style? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!


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