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Crazy for Christopher Kon… Handbags!

imageDuring one of my recent Brooklyn shopping sojourns, I noticed that upscale designer clothing boutiques like Zoë have started adding lower-priced, yet stylish merch to their existing Fall/Winter ’08 lineup. So, because of the current economic crisis, I felt it was my civic duty to single-handedly boost consumer confidence and make one last fall purchase: the head-turning Christopher Kon carryall shown here (a.k.a. the “Amy”).

A cutting-edge handbag company that’s been churning out fashionable and affordable arm candy since 2000, Christopher Kon is coveted by style influencers for signature details such as zippered pockets, eye-catching studs, ruching and durable handles that won’t slide off your shoulder. Far superior than any of those pricey designer “It” bags I’ve spotted on the market, the Amy, which happens to be crafted from ultra-lightweight and luxe Italian leather, will only set you back $385, which (believe it or not), when compared to other high end designer handbags of similar caliber is quite the bargain.

Roomy enough for stowing everyday essentials including my iPhone, keys, wallet and handi-wipes (yes, you can say germ-a-phobe!), my beloved Amy bag comes in an assortment of au courant colors such as clay, cognac and black. My personal fave, however, is the plum – a punchy shade that perks up my predominantly black wardrobe. Now if only it would do the same for the depressed economy.

Check out Christopher Kon’s complete Fall/Winter ’08 handbag collection at Happy shopping!

I’m curious to know how you’ve been scaling back on your wardrobe purchases. Don’t be shy… share your stories with the rest of the Fashion Junkie community!

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Body Reformers Worth Bragging About: Rese Pilates

imageAs a fitness fanatic who also happens to hail from Canada, I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection of Lululemon activewear over the years. But I have to admit, while I love the style, the fit of some of the tops is questionable. I’ll spare you the unsightly red strap marks imprinted beneath my chest, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks you have to accept with trendy workout apparel?

That’s what I thought until I stumbled upon (pronounced Ree See), a cutting-edge and less costly fitness line that will have you doing backflips. For the uninitiated, Rese Pilates was actually designed to help you do exercises correctly by promoting proper alignment. Each garment helps you focus on key muscle groups such as your core, ribcage and other breathing points. For example, the workout bottoms are emblazoned with a black and white Yin & Yang logo, which sits at the front of the pant, reminding you to breathe and pull your navel towards your spine (a must for core strengthening). Now how smart is that?!

imageCrafted from ultra comfy, moisture-wicking fabrics like Supplex and Lycra, Rese Pilates offers a plethora of breathable tops and bottoms that won’t dig into your waist or ride up your rear. Some current must-haves include a sleek v-neck tank with gathered fabric at the bust (pictured above), extra-long racer-back tops that define your core and magically shrink your waistline (woo hoo!), sports bras that give “les girls” ample support, stylish extra-long-sleeved hoodies, skorts (ideal for tennis fans) and low-riser straight leg pants with skinny belts.

My personal fave is “The Connie” – a fitted boot-cut pant embroidered with a horizontal stripe at the waist (shown above), which helps focus hip alignment (for a constant reminder of my herniated disk!). Plus, everything comes in a variety of au courant colors such as fuchsia, burgundy, red, navy, turquoise and of course, black.

With such a fashionable and functional assortment of Rese Pilates merch to choose from, you’d better believe I’ll be sporting my supply well beyond those early morning latte runs. But don’t take my word for it… test-drive Rese Pilates and see for yourself!

Special Fashion Junkie Deal Just For YOU! Since I’m all about spreading the love, I’ve arranged for Fashion Junkie fans to receive a special 15% discount off any items of your choice. Simply enter the promo code “Fashion Junkie” upon checkout. But don’t dilly dally… this exclusive offer is only valid through October 29th, 2008. Happy shopping!

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Target Bullseye Bodegas Officially Open!

imageCalling all recessionistas! If you happen to live in or around the NYC Metro area, you’d better clear your calendar for the official launch of Target’s “Bullseye Bodegas.”

A once-in-a-lifetime buying extravaganza (trust me on this!), Target’s über chic pop-up shops, which officially open to the public today, are a must for scoring deals ‘n steals on limited-edition finds in fashion, beauty, accessories and home from their coveted roster of acclaimed designer collaborations. And by the way, a few of these to-die-for designer collaborations won’t be found at Target stores until October!

Having just attended Thursday night’s jam-packed press preview, I thought I’d share some noteworthy highlights. Expect bargain basement prices on killer kicks from Sigerson Morrison like these black suede (yes, real suede!) open-toed beauties adorned with studs – a total steal at only $39.99! Lucky for me, I also managed to score the very last limited-edition Anya Hindmarch patent leather clutch (a mind-blowing $19.99!), which I noticed Entourage star “Mrs. Ari Gould,” eyeballing.

Truth be told, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer excitement, that I ended up buying not one, but four pairs of Sigerson Morrison for Targé shoes. But the best part: my total bill was only $140.

Target’s “Bullseye Bodegas” officially open to the public today through Monday, September 15th from 10am-10pm daily. Click here for NYC locations. Some final words of wisdom: get there at least one hour before doors are scheduled to open if you want first dibs on all the best stash. Happy shopping!

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Neiman Marcus Fall ’08 Trend Event

imageIf you happen to be in the market for pre-fall frocks, you might wanna make a pit stop to your local Neiman Marcus. This upscale retailer is hosting a can’t-miss trend event across all of their stores in mid-August and will be luring customers like myself by giving away luxe swag!

What’s in store for Fall ‘08? Expect pops of berry-colored clothing and accessories, silky satin, sky high vamp shoes, lacey lingerie, sleek ‘n structured shapes, romantic blouses and statement jewelry that’s ideal for ultra confident women. For him: the focus will be on shades of gray, peak lapels, peacoats, cardigans, vests and exotics.

Plus, with any $250 Neiman Marcus purchase made between Friday, August 15th through Saturday, August 23rd, you’ll automatically receive this slick berry-hued waterproof PDA cover.

Visit for a store near you. Happy shopping!

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Farefell to Fashionista!

imageWhile the economists might not say it specifically, it’s clear, from where I sit, that we’re currently in the midst of a recession. Gas prices have gone through the roof, the cost of wheat is on the rise, job cuts abound and pricey designer goods such as shoes and handbags aren’t selling as swiftly as they should.

What this means for you? Ladies… it’s finally time to banish the buzzword “fashionista” from your style lexicon (phew!). A term that’s been totally abused for the past several years (at least in my humble opinion), “fashionista,” thanks to today’s tight economic times, is simply no longer cool.

I know, you’re probably thinking: “How on earth could a catchphrase like fashionista possibly be sent to the crypt?” Don’t fret… there is a new universal term that’s far more in-tune with the times: recessionista – slang for serial shoppers, including yours truly, who are now scaling back on big ticket designer clothing and accessory items due to the shaky economy.

So rather than shop at Barney’s for pricey Loefler Randall pumps and the latest status “It” bags, recessionistas are suddenly scouring the mall (gasp!) for cheap, yet just as chic, thrifty finds sold at fast-fashion mega chains like Mango, H&M, Target and soon, Topshop (I can’t wait for the Manhattan flagship to open this fall!). Plus, with so many limited-edition discount designer collaborations (a.k.a. diffusion lines) including Pierre Hardy for Gap, Abaeté for Payless and Rogan for Target, why wouldn’t you shop discount? Even consignment shops like New York’s Ina and have suddenly become flooded with, you guessed it: recessionistas!

Even I’ve turned into quite the frugal fashionista… oops! I meant recessionista, of course. What about you? Have you been scaling back on big ticket designer items due to the recession? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts on the subject with the Fashion Junkie community!

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