Cleaning House… for Kooba?

imageAfter months of procrastination, I finally mustered up the courage to clean out my crammed closets to make way for the impending arrival of… twins! Yes, I’m expecting not one, but two little ones in January 2010. If it weren’t for the babies, I probably would have never pushed myself to do the deed. But as my friend Cindy said over lunch the other day, “You’re in nesting mode Dara,” to which I’d have to agree.

Case in point: I recently filled up 6 industrial-strength garbage bags with clothing castoffs – most of which I’m donating to Housing Works, simply to make room for the soon-to-arrive borders, as my husband and I jokingly refer to them. Yes, I’m a good Samaritan, despite the countless dollars of hard-earned cash I’ve wasted on designer denim (as if I’ll ever be able to squeeze into size 24 J Brands again), fitted Smythe blazers (they’ll never cover my belly button even after losing those pregnancy pounds) and Loeffler Randall shoes that I’ve sadly outgrown (a common, yet unfortunate pregnancy occurrence).

Perhaps the worst realization to come out of this so-called nesting ritual: having just sold 2 barely-worn Botkier trigger handbags along with a Foley & Corinna Jetsetter on eBay (pregnancy brain clearly prevents me from thinking straight), I’m now in desperate need of an equally stylish replacement bag – something roomy and timeless with an edge that I can tote around long after the twins arrive. Having perused dozens of websites (brick-and-mortar shopping simple isn’t an option when your tummy resembles a torpedo), I finally came across “the one” – this stunning Kooba tote (a.k.a. the “Ryder.”)

One glance at the sultry suede arm candy on and I instantly fell madly in love. While you can’t go wrong with the classic black leather and shimmery metallic silver versions, it’s the rich purple Ryder – a total power color that is sure to instantly spice-up my predominantly black and Belgian-inspired wardrobe, that I’m utterly obsessed with. Another reason why I’m smitten by Kooba’s Ryder tote: this wearable work of art gives me a permasmile just picturing it slung over my shoulder. Other must-have details worth noting include a magnetic snap closure (ideal for deterring pesky muggers), 2 interior cell phone pockets, a sturdy lining and lengthy double straps that sit comfortably on your shoulders (read: no slippage or painful red marks on your skin). But the ultimate pièce de resistance is the funky ‘80’s-inspired triangle frame that’s adorned with punk-infused asymmetrical zippers. What can I say… I’m loving anything with a hard-core rock ‘n roll edge at this pre-baby stage in my life. Guess that’s my way of rebelling. But I digress…

The Kooba Ryder, from what I can tell, also happens to be deep enough for stowing everyday essentials such as my iPhone, wallet, Thermos Intak, Trish McEvoy mini pager and dare I say those dreaded diapers and baby bottles. While you might scoff at the hefty $595 price tag, take it from me – this Kooba arm candy is sure to be a sweet investment.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, getting rid of all my excess crap actually felt rather cathartic. Which reminds me… I happen to have a few more castoffs available on eBay, including a lightweight patent-leather Bulga satchel with multiple pockets. Any takers? Simply drop me a line at

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  • 10/27/09 5:17 sugarsock:

    Wow, congrats on your pending twins. (But regrets on the exodus of your wardrobe.)