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imageNot that I need a reminder to know that we’re in the midst of what promises to be a long and deep recession, but thanks to an unsolicited phone call I received the other day from Garren New York – one of the city’s poshest hair salons, the country’s economic crisis just became that much more evident.

One of the salon’s receptionists cold-called me the other day to gleefully inform me that a time slot with the “shear genius” himself (a.k.a. Garren) had magically opened up. The funny part: I never asked to be put on a waiting list (yes, they have one) in the first place! And even if I had, that would have been well over a year ago. I’m no Suze Orman, but I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that even the most affluent of New Yorkers are doing a bit of belt-tightening in these troubled times.

Call me frugal, but even during a healthy economy, I wouldn’t even consider blowing $700 of my hard-earned cash on a pricey designer haircut. Just to put things into perspective, since I need to trim my chin-length Shirley Temple curls at least every eight weeks to maintain its shape (read: frizz grows out in width rather than length), that would mean an annual maintenance of $4,200 on haircuts alone, not to mention tax and tip (eek!). No wonder Garren’s regular clients have names like Kidman and Blanchett.

Just what does a $700 Garren haircut buy you, you ask? According to the fine print in the services section on the salon’s website, you’re entitled to a relaxing scalp massage, shampoo and conditioning treatment in shiatsu chairs by Takara Belmont as well as choice of complimentary cappuccino, espresso, tea, or Garren’s own New York-branded bottled water. So I ask you, dear reader, who is the real offender here… is it Garren for having the gall to charge $700 for a haircut or the well-deserving diva who agrees to pay it?

I’m curious… would you spend that much cash on a designer coif? Don’t hold back… share your thoughts with the rest of the Fashion Junkie community!


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