Shady Disposition: Essentials for the Beach and Beyond

It’s almost summer in the city and I’m proud to say that I’m pasty white for the first time ever. Sure I’d look better with a subtle J. Lo glow (dark under-eye circles and spider veins always disappear with a tan), but after years of basking on the beach with a reflector and baby oil (I kid you not), tanorexia has gradually taken its toll. Premature chest wrinkles, crow’s feet and displastic moles sliced off my back keep me in a constant state of panic. At the ripe old age of 36, my dermatologist’s number is already programmed on speed dial… not exactly normal. While you can’t turn back the clock, it’s never too late to shield yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. Do yourself a favor and consider stocking-up on these derm-approved skin saviors.

imageIt may have been cool to look like the Coppertone girl when we were eighteen, but now we know better than to bask in the sun George Hamilton-style. Be sun smart by slathering yourself with a super-charged sunblock like Anthelios. It’s packed with Mexoryl SX – the first organic filter to offer high-level protection against short UVA rays… the number one cause of aging. Anthelios SX Sunscreen • • $29 • 1-800-560-1803

imageTo really make a splash at the beach this summer, try a sizzling spandex cutout suit. These styles reveal a hint of skin on the front and sides of the waist, which means you’ll have a far less chance of getting fried. I’m a fan of La Blanca’s trendy black and white tribal cutout, which is priced at $103 at

imageNever mind stormy weather. Parasols have suddenly become the accessory du jour during sunny skies. Perfect for protecting your face and décolleté from damaging rays (trust me on this one!), this chic SunBlok number even features built-in UV protection, keeping you up to 10 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight. GustBuster SunBlok Parasol • • $32.49 • 1-888-487-8287

imageKeep suntans at bay with an haute, wide-brimmed straw hat. I’m obsessed with the neutral-colored Panama toppers from Anne Depasquale – a talented New York-based designer who will whip-up a bespoke style in 6 weeks or less. Anne Depasquale • • prices upon request • 646-263-5458

imageOver-sized shades will protect your peepers from “blinde-ing” light and unwanted lines. Blinde, a cutting-edge company that created the signature style for the lead cast of The Matrix, makes such cool cat-eye shapes, you’ll even want to wear ‘em at night! Blinde Talk To Me Sunglasses • visit for retail locations and prices • 800-647-2345

imageDon’t even think about diving into a pool ‘til you’ve spritzed your strands with Kerastase Voile Protecteur, a magical mist with UV filters to prevent your hair from being singed in the sun. Spray it all over your head before heading-out-the-door to keep your locks shiny and silky all summer long. Kerastaste – Voile Protecteur • • $34 • 877-254-9949

image If you’re dying for that back-from-the-beach-vacation bronzage, play it safe by going faux. Fake ‘n bake on the fly with Benefit Cosmetics’ Jiffy Tan – a lightweight, tinted body lotion that glides on evenly, won’t streak and stays put for instant tanification.
Benefit Cosmetics Jiffy Tan • • $24.00 • 800-781-2336

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