Crazy for… Crocs?

imageAs a professional fashion and beauty blogger (tough job, I know), I pride myself on being on top of all the hottest trends. But the one craze I never thought I’d get caught up in is Crocs. You know, those hideous plastic shoes with Swiss cheese-like ventilation holes that every kid on the continent sports? Anyway, I was flipping through the New York Times T Magazine the other day, and much to my surprise was: a stylish four-inch heeled version with feminine (I repeat, feminine) crisscross straps! Who knew?

The “new and improved” chunky-heeled Croc (a.k.a. the Cyprus) is much more avant-garde than its granola-esque cousin. Touted by the manufacturer as the “most comfortable four-inch heels in history,” the Cyprus is crafted with special circulation nubs on the sole to better stimulate blood flow. Now that’s smart technology!

At only $49.99 a pop, the Cyprus is a bargain for even the most frugal of fashionistas. Call me a sheep following the herd, but yes, I’ll be sprucing up my summer wardrobe with at least one of the six eye-popping color combos, which include shimmery silver/lavender, ultra bright scarlet, chocolate, bronze, black/silver and solid black. Best of all, since the Cyrpus is lightweight and waterproof, I’ll finally be able to play in the sandbox with my 2 year-old nephew without worrying about mucking up my kicks. 

What do you think about the new Cyprus Croc? Post your thoughts on Fashion Junkie’s Re-Tales blog.

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