Lost and Found

imageA born scatterbrain, I’ve lost many things over the years such as keys, jobs, boyfriends, my mind and even shirt sleeves (that’s another story). But nothing compares to the anxiety I felt after carelessly leaving my beloved black beret behind in a taxi – a perfect-fitting Parisian velvet design, which worked wonders for bad hair days. Fortunately, while escorting a client on a recent shopping safari, I spotted a knockout knit hunting cap from designer Lara Kazan, which has quickly become much more than a suitable replacement.

Perfect for absent-minded women like me, the haute Lara Kazan cocoa-colored hat (pictured above) comes with a handy conjoined scarf, ensuring maximum warmth and style. Better yet, the neckwear can be detached, giving you two killer accoutrements for the price of one. Now how cool is that? And yes, the extra-long scarf looks just as chic when worn solo.

A New York-based designer who kicked-off her hand-knit accessory line in 2000 with “Lara Legs,” a funky, vintage-inspired collection of hand-crocheted legwear, Lara recently added a jaw-dropping assortment of clothing and other cutting-edge accessories. My personal faves: a pair of chocolate knit cuffs with detachable mittens, Lara’s signature ‘80’s-inspired legwarmers (much more fashionable than the Flashdance kind), arm warmers in edgy checkered-color combos like charcoal and violet, chic riding hood capes, cozy cocoon sweaters (the electric blue ensemble is to-die-for), fitted vests with contrasting piping and leather saddle belts.

Now that Lara Kazan’s headpiece has neatly filled the void of my erstwhile beret, my only fear: what happens if I have another senior moment and lose the hat and scarf altogether?

  • Lara Kazan Designs
  • info@larakazan.com
  • larakazan.com
  • $75 and up
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