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imageThanks to weeks of gorging on greasy pizza, red meat, chocolate truffles, red wine and Stilton cheese (gotta love the holidays), my digestive system is desperate for a tune-up. Rather than flush out my toxin build-up with several heaping bowls of Super Colon Blow (a.k.a. Fiber One), I’m kick-starting my New Year’s with Boots’ Feel The Difference 5-Day Detox Plan – a more intense yet palatable total body cleanse.

A strawberry-flavored liquid that won’t make you hurl like those Milk of Magnesia products, Feel The Difference (FTD), when used regularly, will magically cleanse, purify and revive your body from the inside out. Formulated from a blend of Grape Vine Leaf and Marine Pink Bark, two antioxidants that naturally flush away impurities from the skin, liver, kidneys and digestive system, FTD is a healthy and hassle-free way to put your system back on track. Another active ingredient, Schizanda, a strange-sounding herb that promotes liver cleansing, helps neutralize potentially damaging toxins such as pollutants, alcohol, smoke and even pesticides (eek!).

Ready to join me in taking on the new year with vim and vigor? Simply add a 30ml dose of FTD to a litre of water every morning and, in a matter of days, you’ll look and feel completely revitalized. Just make sure to avoid processed foods, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol, and just about any other vice you can think of, as they’ll interfere with the detox. If this doesn’t work, its back to bran!

  • Boots Feel The Difference 5-Day Detox
  • $19.99 (set includes 5 30ml vials)
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