imageA bonafide New York urbanista, I’m always on my feet. And since I’m vertically challenged (barely 5’2”) and refuse to wear flats, I’ve mangled countless pairs of prized pumps simply from stepping onto the city’s sidewalks. Harrowing “heel offenders” such as hidden cracks and metal grates keep me in a constant state of panic. Call me paranoid, but once a sliding subway door even managed to close on my foot and slice off the heel of one of my brand new patent leather Sigerson Morrison pumps. But those were the days before Smart Heel, a portable and inconspicuous plastic stiletto protector, came into my life.

The ultimate armor for shoes with spikes, Smart Heel has become a saving grace for fashionable femmes on the fly. After damaging dozens of her own designer heels from walking outside, founder Stacie Urbach felt compelled to invent something durable to shield against abrasive surfaces that tear, scratch and ultimately destroy stilettos. A clever plastic covering designed to clamp onto thin 4” heels, Smart Heel will save you from wasting time and money at the shoe cobbler. Simply slide the sleek protectors onto your hottest heels before heading out the door and pull ’em off when you want to showcase your favorite footwear. Partial to kitten or chunkier heels? Smart Heel will soon be introducing additional models to cater to a wider range of styles. Plus, they’ll be available in a host of eye-catching hues that complement the color of your favorite shoes.

Ever since test-driving the clear “Tango” model on my Pedro Garcia booties, I’ve become sure-footed enough to even stroll along the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking district. Be forewarned, since Smart Heel is designed to mold to the shape of each heel, you’ll need a set for every pair you own. But at only $9.95 a pop, Smart Heel is still a lot less than what you’d pay for repairs. You just might want to read the handy Smart Heel instruction booklet and idiot-proof YouTube demo before jumping in… ‘course I had to replay it five times ‘til I finally got it right.

  • Smart Heel
  • $9.95 per set (available in clear and black)
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