Freaky Friday

With less than 2 weeks to go ’til Halloween, now’s the time to buy that bewitching costume. But before you even think about subjecting yourself to those never-ending specialty store lines and scarce inventory (by now the best merch has been picked over), read this round-up of freakishly fashionable online finds. From “boo-tiful” black polish to ghoulishly gorgeous skull bags and frightfully foxy jailbird uniforms, here’s a host of party-ready essentials that will ensure you have a “RIP-roaring” Halloween.

imageBring out your inner bad girl with this naughty jailbird number. Add a faux Paris Hilton-esque wig to the mix and you just might be thrown in the slammer. Jailbird costume • $24.99 (paparazzi not included) • available at

imageBuy this super-strong, hemp-infused hair gel for an impenetrable Amy Winehouse bouffant. The dark grape color adds that extra touch of Goth. Lush Goth Juice • $14.95 • available at

imageMake your peepers really pop with these over-the-top feathered falsies. For a creepy Clockwork Orange effect, try the lashes with turquoise tassels or black diamantes. Shu Eumera Tokyo Lash Bar Collection • $20-$50 • available at

imageGlow all out for Halloween with this mini pack of after-midnight polish. Mix ’n match 4 spooked-out shades, including Jack’s Back (a jack-o-lantern orange), Boo-Berry (a blue hue that glows in the dark!), Witch Way? (as black as a witch’s hat) and Cool Ghoul (a ghastly white shade). You can create even scarier looks with the enclosed nail decals. O.P.I. Glow Out For Halloween! •  $9.95 • available at

imageJust one spritz of this invigorating gardenia-infused fragrance will have the dead dancing in their graves. Eau De Halloween by J Del Pozo • $19.95 • available at

imageMake no bones about it… this bag is a must-have for Halloween. Plus, the heart-shaped design is more than roomy enough for storing all your die-hard make-up. Skull Handbag • $7.99 • available at

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