imageAlthough I’m only half American (the other half, Canadian), I can identify with this country’s obsession for bodily perfection and quick service. After all, America’s two most famous exports are Hollywood and fast food. From do-it-yourself teeth-whitening kits to cosmetic fillers, everyone’s consumed with perfecting their self image… instantly. The latest addition to this list is Snap-On-Smile, a quick fix for sporting a movie-star mouth.

Since most of us weren’t blessed with a gorgeous Julia Roberts grin (or bank account), Dr. Mark Liechtung, a Manhattan-based dentist created Snap-On-Smile, a less pricey, pain-free and quicker alternative to traditional and non-reversible techniques such as veneers and caps. Ideal for dental phobes who cringe at the thought of needles and drilling, Snap-On-Smile is a surprisingly natural-looking and non-invasive cosmetic alternative. Whether you’re suffering from Lauren Hutton gaps, tobacco stains or missing teeth, there’s a Snap-On-Smile solution for every problem. Not just for weddings or job interviews, this dental breakthrough promises a picture perfect grin every day of the year.

Sounds too good to be true? Just call your local practitioner for a Snap-On-Smile consultation. Choose from 23 shades and 18 designs, custom made from flexible resin arches that fit snugly over your upper and lower teeth. And since Snap-On-Smile’s arches resemble the real thing, no one will even know you’re wearing ‘em but you! Plus, they’re super thin, lightweight and stain resistant, so you can eat and drink without removing them. Buyers beware: perfection doesn’t come without a price (up to $1600 for a set). And be sure to brush your mouth pieces regularly to prevent hellacious halitosis.

  • Snap-On-Smile
  • 877-7-SNAPON
  • snaponsmile.com
  • $900-$1600 for a set
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