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What: Every Monday and Thursday, sends out a FREE email newsletter filled with information about the best of what’s next in fashion, film, music, the visual arts and more, in your city. Since you don’t have time to hunt for what’s cool, Gen Art does the legwork for you.

Who: As the nation’s leading arts and entertainment organization, Gen Art has first dibs on the best emerging talent in fashion, film, music and the visual arts. They’ve helped launch big names in fashion like Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Chaiken, Milly, Twinkle and Shoshanna to name a few. Their newsletter gives you behind-the-scenes access to the people and places everyone is going to be buzzing about… before anyone else knows what’s up.

Why: You’re a trendsetter. You go to openings at the coolest galleries in town, check out indie movies fresh out of Sundance and rock labels that no one else in your city has heard of yet, just like Gen Art. Constantly stay on top of what’s cutting-edge with Gen Art’s newsletter—your guidebook to living the ultimate lifestyle. Gen Art Pulse: of-the-moment information that’s short, sweet, and above all else, fun.

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