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imageAccording to the latest numerology reports I’ve read, 2007 is supposed to be my happiest year yet. But with my luck, those psychic predictions will probably backfire, so I’ll need something tangible (aside from Prozac) to keep my spirits on an even keel. Call is kismet, because I’ve found just the ticket: Laurel Denise Jewelry Design, a delicate line of hanging hoops and necklaces inscribed with inspirational images and sayings.

Similar to a chocolate buzz, Laurel Denise glass pendants can instantly elevate your mood sans the sugar crash. These wearable works of art are the brainchild of Laurel Pipkin, a Virginia-born artist who came up with the brilliant idea one night in a dream. Each one-of-a-kind design is hand-etched by Pipkin herself, who happens to have the most meticulous handwriting I’ve ever seen. She begins the labor-intensive process by cutting, smoothing and drilling each piece of glass, then places the tip of her pen against tiny sheets of paper and scribbles serene sentiments that say “She lived in her own little fairytale, “Life whispers, listen closely,” and “Sing the song of your heart.” Each image, some of which include pretty birds and flowers, is then melted onto the glass and strung onto sterling silver and gold chains for an utterly stylish and striking effect. And with four fabulous collections to choose from including “Simply Stated,” “Art & Soul,” “10 Million Wishes,” and “Color Me Happy,” there’s a Laurel Denise phrase to perk-up every personality. In case you can’t find a saying that suits your fancy, just ask Pipkin and she’ll custom-design any style with your favorite quote. Get strung out on Laurel Denise and you’ll no longer need to read your daily horoscope.

  • Laurel Denise Jewelry Design
  • laurel@laureldenise.com
  • laureldenise.com
  • $55-$125
  • Within five days from ship date. All products must be in original and perfect condition.
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