Fashion Junkie Comes Clean

I’m a fairly laid back femme who finds humor in just about any kind of situation… except for when it comes to drugs. So when I came across this risqué “Fashioin Junkie” Sisley ad campaign that’s been circulating throughout cyberspace, my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

Sisley, the Italian-based fashion brand owned by Benetton who’s known for producing provocative ads (remember the controversial campaign featuring model Josie Maran milking a cow with milk all over her face?), has been slammed by slews of bloggers for pushing the envelope with this particular campaign. The distasteful “Fashioin Junkie” ad features two anorexic-looking models indulging in some recreational “fashion.” The fashion they’re actually snorting happens to be a slinky, white Sisley dress. To the left of the dress is a pile of cocaine that’s perched on top of a Chase credit card (a common cutting device). What’s even sketchier is the expression on one of the models’ faces, who looks like she’s about to O.D. Note the intentional misspelling of “Fashioin,” which brings heroin to mind.

Although purportedly fake (check out this link to see the statement Sisley’s parent company, Benetton made in reference to it), the ad is still sending out the subliminal message that coke is cool. And thanks to current celeb rehab craze, battling addictions with blow have suddenly become chic. My take on this trend? I find the ad morally reprehensible. Please note there is absolutely no connection between these ads and the website. was launched 10 years ago as a tongue and cheek blog for the shopping obsessed and I have never condoned drug use of any kind. Peruse my site and you’ll notice the playful tone, which is not offensive, nor does it promote drug use in any manner. The bottom line is, coke isn’t cool, no matter how it’s fashioned.

Feel free to share your comments about the Sisley snafu.
For a collection of past Sisley ads, click here.


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