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imageI love my low-rise jeans just as much as any other fashionista, but I’m tired of going commando simply to avoid VPL (visible panty line) syndrome. Thanks to Smart Ass, a “cheeky” line of inspirational lingerie, I can finally wear fun ’n fashionable thongs without fear.

Not your granny’s underwear, Smart Ass is a sexy, yet comfy panty collection with a little panache. Ergonomically designed not to ride up your rear, Smart Ass is much more than gimmicky lingerie gear. The back T-bar of each thong is emblazoned with sassy sayings like “Kiss My…,” “Desperate Housewife,” “Yummy Mummy,” “Shopaholic,” “Trophy Wife,” “Caught You,” “Drama Queen” and of course, “Smart Ass,” ensuring there’s something suitable for every behind. Plus, every pair is embossed with a kickin’ donkey logo – a little extra something to make you smile every time you drop your drawers. With so many color combos to choose from including pink, baby blue, white and black, you can be a “smart ass” every day of the week.

Created by Vancouverites Alix Cameron and Cindy Ball after witnessing one too many strangers squat down and inadvertently flash their butt cracks, Smart Ass has literally been kicking ass. The duo recently revealed two new collections, SmoothOperator – seamless, laser cut, microfiber camis (with built-in bras), gal shorts, bikini bottoms and thongs that sit flat under clothing (no more bumps and bulges!), and EuroTrash – the same flirty styles, made from stretchy, see-through mesh fabrics (ohh-la-la!) that looks fab when worn as a sexy under-layer.

Now that my lingerie chest is filled with Smart Ass, I can’t help but flash my fanny. Don’t be shy… get your arse in gear and give Smart Ass a try!

P.S. Fashion Junkie will be away through the July 4th holiday and will be returning on July 9th. Happy Holidays!

Fashion Junkie

  • Smart Ass
  • 1-866-599-GALS
  • $20-$40 (free shipping on orders over $75!)
  • Exchanges on unworn products within 30 days of purchase with receipt.
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