image Calling all commuters! You no longer need to pair panty hose and skirts with socks and sneakers, one of the worst fashion faux pas ever to be committed (remember Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?). Thanks to CamiLeon Heels, the world’s first completely convertible high-heeled shoes, not only will you be able to sprint for that train, but you’ll catch it blister-free too! Elegant and eye-catching, these comfy and convenient pumps transform from a sleek 3 ¼ inch stiletto to a chic, 1 ½ inch heel in seconds.

Ideal for girls on the go who don’t want to schlep multiple pairs of shoes in their purses, with CamiLeon Heels, you’ll never have to… no matter where you’re headed. Created by Dr. David Handel, who wanted to rid women of ailments caused by wearing towering heels for hours on end, the concept for CamiLeon Heels came about simply by watching his sons playing with transformer robots. Using technology similar to that found in these retractable toys, CamiLeon Heels morph from high to low without having to remove the shoe. When you want to go low, just unlock the adjustable heel, stow it beneath the arch, et voila, you magically have a lower-heeled version of the same shoe. Thanks to the steel rods running through the heels and secure locking device, you need not worry about spraining your ankle when you choose to wear ‘em with added height.

Buyers beware: ache-free feet don’t come cheap (from $250 and up).  Made from buttery soft, high quality Italian leather, CamiLeon Heels are available in an assortment of surprisingly sexy and seasonal styles, from flirty ‘n feminine almond-toe sling-backs, strappy pointy-toed pumps, sophisticated spectators to stunning open-toed patent sandals. And with a smashing combo of classic colors such as black, bone and fire engine red, there’s no reason to stash those Reebok’s in your office drawer anymore.

CamiLeon Heels are available at camileonheels.com & zappos.com
Happy shopping!

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