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In case you didn’t catch today’s Fashion Junkie Fix newsletter (gasp!), for the next twenty weeks, I’ll be documenting my very own Invisalign tooth progression. A clear and less conspicuous alternative to metal mouth, Invisalign is a DIY dental breakthough used by millions of people like me who suffer from the dreaded snaggletooth. To see what I’m referring to, take a look at this scary snapshot of my eyetooth. This, my friends is a snaggletooth.

It’s hard to believe that after years of teenage orthodontic work (read: gum surgery, Ugly Betty wire braces, a lip bumper and headgear) I glanced in the mirror one morning last month and suddenly found the sucker. As if spotting grey hairs and wrinkles weren’t enough of a curse (ahh, the joys of turning 35), I now had to deal with the consequences of chucking my retainer in high school?! No way Jose… I simply refused to settle for a smile with crooked chompers, no matter what the cause. So when I heard about Invisalign – the removable plastic aligners that resemble tooth-whitening trays, I knew I had to test-drive the treatment.

Luckily, my sister-in-law happens to be a trained orthodontist who just opened a new office in Dallas, so I immediately flew to Texas and a few hours later, I was being prepped for my customized Invisalign program (woo-hoo!). All it took was a quick 3-D computer-imaging scan of my jaw (check out the digital photos below), some teeth filing (a must for inserting the plastic aligner trays), followed by bite impressions et voila… my set of 10 disposable aligner trays were shipped in the mail. And now, when worn sequentially for the next twenty-weeks, my teeth will gradually be transformed from ghoulish to gorgeous.

Ready for your Invisalign treatment? Don’t delay… book a consultation with Wylie Orthodontic Specialists today! Call 972-941-9363 and ask for Drs. Rachel Thieberg or Rodney Lewis. Visit wylieortho.com for more information.

Tune into the Re-Tales Blog regularly for a real-time report of my teeth transformation. Week One:

Yours truly being prepped for the Invisalign program

A jarring digital imaging scan of my jaw

Notice the nearly “invisible” trays on my teeth?

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