Ready, Set… Shoe-Down!

There’s nothing like the life of an aspiring fashion designer. You’re constantly broke, desperate for press (Hello, Vogue!) and commonly snubbed by big wigs in the industry. But this can all change with the click of a mouse now that Steve Madden – one of the country’s leading footwear purveyors, is willing to give YOU your big break just by entering their exciting Art + Sole competition.

Ready to step into the spotlight? Create a killer pair of kicks for Steve Madden’s upcoming Fall or Winter collection, submit your design online by Monday, June 11, 2007 and pray you’re among the 5 finalists picked by Mr. Madden himself (umm… no pressure!). Just make sure to spread the word to your posse, since everyone can help Madden vote for the grand-prize winner on June 20, 2007.

As for the top finalist, they’ll be flown to New York to hob-knob with Steve Madden for a day at the company’s headquarters, receive $500 for a shoe shopping spree and watch their creation come to life. Plus, the winning soles will bear the designer’s name and be available for sale at and retail locations across the country. Well, what are you waiting for… stop kvetching and start sketching!

Visit for more details.

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