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Want a fast, effective and even fun way to remove wrinkles sans scalpel or syringe? Forget about pricey and passé fillers like Botox. Be bold my friends and go the natural route with cosmetic acupuncture – the hottest anti-ageing remedy du jour. A traditional Chinese medicine that’s been around for centuries to fend off disease and re-balance the body’s energy (qi), acupuncture (when administered regularly) actually banishes crows feet, frown lines and furrows (who knew?!). Just how does this magic manifest? With the flick of a Doctor’s wrist (trust us, only a trained professional should do the deed) dozens of little pricks are inserted into targeted areas on the face to increase circulation, relax deep creases and smooth out fine lines. While it looks more ghastly than gorgeous, the twenty-minute procedure is surprisingly painless and calming. Just don’t freak out… you will spot a few dabs of blood and temporary redness once the pins are removed. After a few regular sessions, you’ll look and feel fab.

No, that’s not the lead character from the horror flick Hellraiser pictured above. It’s yours truly test-driving the anti-ageing acupuncture treatment at Toronto’s Rapson Pain Clinic. Book a consultation with Doctor Yun Ye—the master of acupuncture. $100 for a consultation and $50 for additional appointments. 

Rapson Pain Clinic • 600 Sherbourne Street, Suite 207, Toronto • 416-968-1366.

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