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  • Jeanne Lottie
  • 106 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Canada
  • 416-975-5115
  • Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.,Sunday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

I’m so depressed, I must have the fashion blues. The leaves are turning and I have absolutely nothing new to wear for fall. Talk about total fashion calamity. Worst of all, I desperately need a durable, diva-esque bag to hold my Blackberry, lap top and other Fashion Junkie necessities. What’s that I see? A hot pink sign and store window shaped like a purse that says “Jeanne Lottie”? Hmmm… a funky hand bag store in the heart of Toronto’s trendy Yorkville district seems too good to be true. I’d better check this place out pronto.

Established since March ‘99, this dreamy ground level concept store is known for much more than affordable bags and accessories. Case in point: the funky Asian-style interior and Feng Shui vibe alone are worth the trip.

I feel right at home by the Zen tea bar with over 18 choices of tea. My favourites are the hand bag shaped chocolates at the cash, the soothing water fountain and plants located by the rock garden (all for sale!). Her bags are sold in stores throughout Canada (Brown’s), the U.S. (Betsey Johnson, Venus, Ann Taylor) and Australia.

The translation of Jeanne Lottie, in Chinese is Jun Lok Tai, or true happiness. I’m happy as can be surrounded by Jeanne’s assortment of hand bags in every conceivable colour, shape and style. I’m dizzy (but still very happy) from all the stunning designs including black and white pony, hot pink and brown leopard, beaded evening bags, grey flannel and mohair, plastic totes with hologrammed fish, metallic pet bags, orange bags with fuzzy pom poms and many more. Never mind Kate Spade (hand bags)—owner Jeanne Lottie, (a.k.a. Jane Ip) designs much hipper and functional bags and accessories. You’ll go crazy over her prices which range from only $40-$100 per bag! Talk about lucky find, eh? Ssshhh!!! It’s our secret, ok?

Mirror, mirror in my hand, who’s the fairest in this land? “Why, Fashion Junkie, of course!” These adorable make-up mirrors are selling like hot cakes. Buy ‘em while their still in stock! (Make-up mirror with beads, $30)

Jeanne also designs fabulous fake mohair scarves and matching bags such as this. I feel so glam in this fuzzy number and it is sneeze proof for all you allergy sufferers. What do you think? (Black mohair scarf, $35, hand bag with fake Mongolian lamb fur, $45)

Jeanne’s mission is to make sure every customer feels right at home. I know she’s serious when she tells me to squat next to Molly the cow for this strange photo op. In case you’re wondering, this muff is made with real mohair, $250. Yes, Molly’s for sale too, $500. Any takers? Mooooving right along…

Jeanne is such a god! Her philosophy is “buy more for less.” Don’t ‘cha just love this woman?! Forget about those pricey designer baguettes you’ve seen in all the latest fashion magazines. Jeanne’s inexpensive collection changes every season so you’ll have serious variety to choose from including this super stylish evening bag ($60) without draining your bank account.

It’s hard to believe Jeanne’s a self-trained designer! This metallic pet bag is so smart and stylish—if only I could convince my hubbie to buy that chocolate brown daschund I’ve been eyeing at the pet store. (Silver metallic pet bag, $50)

Ditch that old leather case and answer your calls in style. This sexy beaded cell phone holder is perfect for a swanky night on the town or that P. Diddy Hampton’s bash I’m praying I’ll get invited to. Oh well Fashion Junkie, don’t hold your breath. I guess I’ll buy it anyway. (Beaded cell phone holder, $25)

No need to work yourself into a tizzy cuz you can’t afford one $2100 Fendi baguette bag with sequins For only $60, you can buy an entire collection of stylish and practical Jeanne Lottie evening bags. Photo of Dara and Jane Ip, founder of Jeanne Lottie..

I’m hoping Jeanne will give me a lifetime supply of her amazing bags for writing this story. Yeah, keep dreaming Fashion Junkie.

Photography  Photography © Zack Medicoff

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