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Lockets With Love

imageAccording to the latest numerology reports I’ve read, 2007 is supposed to be my happiest year yet. But with my luck, those psychic predictions will probably backfire, so I’ll need something tangible (aside from Prozac) to keep my spirits on an even keel. Call is kismet, because I’ve found just the ticket: Laurel Denise Jewelry Design, a delicate line of hanging hoops and necklaces inscribed with inspirational images and sayings.

Similar to a chocolate buzz, Laurel Denise glass pendants can instantly elevate your mood sans the sugar crash. These wearable works of art are the brainchild of Laurel Pipkin, a Virginia-born artist who came up with the brilliant idea one night in a dream. Each one-of-a-kind design is hand-etched by Pipkin herself, who happens to have the most meticulous handwriting I’ve ever seen. She begins the labor-intensive process by cutting, smoothing and drilling each piece of glass, then places the tip of her pen against tiny sheets of paper and scribbles serene sentiments that say “She lived in her own little fairytale, “Life whispers, listen closely,” and “Sing the song of your heart.” Each image, some of which include pretty birds and flowers, is then melted onto the glass and strung onto sterling silver and gold chains for an utterly stylish and striking effect. And with four fabulous collections to choose from including “Simply Stated,” “Art & Soul,” “10 Million Wishes,” and “Color Me Happy,” there’s a Laurel Denise phrase to perk-up every personality. In case you can’t find a saying that suits your fancy, just ask Pipkin and she’ll custom-design any style with your favorite quote. Get strung out on Laurel Denise and you’ll no longer need to read your daily horoscope.

  • Laurel Denise Jewelry Design
  • $55-$125
  • Within five days from ship date. All products must be in original and perfect condition.
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Breast Defense

imageCall me a tad prudish, but I still giggle every time my gyno fondles my “girls” during a check-up. I’m even uncomfortable examining my boobs myself, but the fact remains, 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer according to a study by the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. Plus, 6% of women diagnosed with the life-threatening disease every year are under the age of 40, further stressing the importance of self-examination. What’s even scarier is the fact that most doctors don’t recommend annual mammograms until women turn 40.

With those startling statistics in mind, Leigh Hurst, a 36 year-old breast cancer survivor who saved her own life by “feeling her boobies,” created a t-shirt emblazoned with the same sexy catchphrase for friends to don during a breast cancer walk during her recovery in 2004. Hurst’s head-turning “Feel Your Boobies” (FYB) tees were so successful that she’s since set up a foundation with the same brash slogan along with an expanded clothing collection of fitted baby doll tees, wife-beater tanks, bandanas, belt buckles and other pastel-hued paraphernalia to raise funds and awareness of the disease. There’s even a limited-edition Boobies Couture line in the fall, which features one-of-a-kind creations from A-List artists and designers. And since every purchase comes with a handy “How To Feel ’Em” tip card, you can now start squeezing your boobies on a regular basis… without shame. Thanks to the choice selection, a cross-section of women from around the globe have become walking billboards in the crusade against breast cancer. Even celebs like Sheryl Crow, also a survivor, have been spotted sporting a stylish FYB tank. Bust out one of these pretty pink tops and you might even save someone’s life.

  • Feel Your Boobies
  • questions & suggestions: email
  • $2-$36
  • within 7 days of purchase, less shipping costs
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Shoe Beginnings

imageTo say I take care of my stuff is an understatement. Peek into my cramped New York closet and you’ll discover a whole world of obsession you wish you never knew existed. Each of my beloved soles (113 pairs at last count) are individually wrapped in its own plastic bin to distinguish my Michael Kors from my Marc Jacobs. In fact, even after multiple moves, every pair still looks brand-spanking-new thanks to Shoebby, the practical and affordable alternative to pricey, custom-made shoe racks.

No more snapping Polaroids or rummaging through flimsy cardboard boxes, Shoebby saves me time and tantrums. A savior for shoe addicts who lack closet space, this space-age shoebox keeps floors clutter-free, while safely storing your prized pumps from dust, dirt and other damaging debris. With Shoebby, you can say goodbye to misplaced, scuffed, dog-chewed designer soles or unnecessary trips to the shoemaker. Constructed from recycled plastic with open-air vents (a must for mold-free footwear), this clear, coffin-like container lets you instantly grab your stilettos and go. Thanks to the sturdy handle, transporting your shoes (just as you would your precious Trixie) is a small feat. And with a range of pastel containers coming soon, color-coding your inventory and separating your slingbacks from your sandals will be a cinch. Now, if only I could find a Shoebby to organize life’s other little details.

  • Shoebby
  • 1-888-6-SHOEBOX
  • $7.99 per box ($5.99 introductory price)
  • within 14 days of purchase, less shipping fees
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Bottoms Up!

imageI love my low-rise jeans just as much as any other fashionista, but I’m tired of going commando simply to avoid VPL (visible panty line) syndrome. Thanks to Smart Ass, a “cheeky” line of inspirational lingerie, I can finally wear fun ’n fashionable thongs without fear.

Not your granny’s underwear, Smart Ass is a sexy, yet comfy panty collection with a little panache. Ergonomically designed not to ride up your rear, Smart Ass is much more than gimmicky lingerie gear. The back T-bar of each thong is emblazoned with sassy sayings like “Kiss My…,” “Desperate Housewife,” “Yummy Mummy,” “Shopaholic,” “Trophy Wife,” “Caught You,” “Drama Queen” and of course, “Smart Ass,” ensuring there’s something suitable for every behind. Plus, every pair is embossed with a kickin’ donkey logo – a little extra something to make you smile every time you drop your drawers. With so many color combos to choose from including pink, baby blue, white and black, you can be a “smart ass” every day of the week.

Created by Vancouverites Alix Cameron and Cindy Ball after witnessing one too many strangers squat down and inadvertently flash their butt cracks, Smart Ass has literally been kicking ass. The duo recently revealed two new collections, SmoothOperator – seamless, laser cut, microfiber camis (with built-in bras), gal shorts, bikini bottoms and thongs that sit flat under clothing (no more bumps and bulges!), and EuroTrash – the same flirty styles, made from stretchy, see-through mesh fabrics (ohh-la-la!) that looks fab when worn as a sexy under-layer.

Now that my lingerie chest is filled with Smart Ass, I can’t help but flash my fanny. Don’t be shy… get your arse in gear and give Smart Ass a try!

P.S. Fashion Junkie will be away through the July 4th holiday and will be returning on July 9th. Happy Holidays!

Fashion Junkie

  • Smart Ass
  • 1-866-599-GALS
  • $20-$40 (free shipping on orders over $75!)
  • Exchanges on unworn products within 30 days of purchase with receipt.
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Kiddie Couture

imageIt’s a fact of life. Hit the big 3-0 and suddenly your mailbox starts brimming not only with fertility pamphlets, but baby announcements. One of the first such postcards I received was plastered with a picture of my two-week-old nephew, Levi (yes, the cutie is named after a pair of jeans). But with six consecutive envelopes arriving from friends as well, how many more Baby Gap visits could I possibly endure? To save my sanity, a friend turned me on to the experts at Alex Casey Baby. A chic e-boutique that sells of-the-moment clothing, accessories and organic skincare for pint-sized peeps, Alex Casey Baby is a one-stop-shop for busy moms from Beverly Hills to Boston.

Conceived by Jill Notkin and named after her baby girl, Alex Casey Baby has become the go-to spot for proud new parents and aunties alike in search of a fun and stress-free shopping environment. A breeze to navigate thanks to catchy categories like “Dress Me Up!,” “Feed Me!” and “Pack Me Up!,” Alex Casey Baby makes it easy for even a novice like me to buy multiple baby gifts. With a handpicked assortment of primo products that are beyond gorge, I was tempted to special order every item in my size. Some of the staples I stocked-up on included designer diaper bags (the PackaBe in Perky Perennials), cozy cashmere hoodies with matching blankies (spotted on every Hollywood “It” baby), cotton onesies adorned with animal prints to pretty pink tutus for prima ballerinas. Thanks to Alex Casey Baby, my nephew is now the best-dressed Vancouverite playing in the sand box.

Special Fashion Junkie deal just for YOU! is offering subscribers 10% off any item of your choice from Monday, June 25, 2007 through Monday, July 23, 2007. Enter the code “FJFIX” upon checkout to redeem your discount. Happy shopping!

Visit and (Jill Notkin’s blog) to learn more about the latest and greatest baby must-haves.

  • Alex Casey Baby
  • 866.574.3536
  • $12-$150
  • refunds within 10 days of purchase on unused items, with receipt and original packaging
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