imageEvery summer I grapple with the same sunglass conundrum. Going from outdoors to indoors, I’m constantly taking my shades on and off and placing them back in their case. Wearing them on my head doesn’t work because the arms get warped and I get a throbbing headache. Hanging them from my blouse inevitably results in scratched or broken frames from bending over. The only feasible alternative to protecting my specs has been Croakies, those fluorescent, neoprene contraptions geared for the extreme sports crowd. But that “look” doesn’t exactly complement my summer supply of flirty halter dresses. To make matters worse, with over-sized Jackie-O shades becoming the norm, I’m forced to forsake my clutch in favor of a bulky carryall just to accommodate my cumbersome eyeglass case.

That was before I laid my eyes on La Loop, a fashionable and functional accoutrement for eyewear that defies the laws of gravity. Finally, I can dangle my specs hands-free right beneath my bosom without fear. Founded by Debbie Zoullas, who was tired of rummaging through her bag in search of her sunglasses, La Loop was designed with a rotating hinge attached to the base of a necklace, ensuring your shades stay still no matter which way you move. Perfect for adding pizzazz to any outfit, La Loop is constructed from a variety of luxe materials including leather, sterling silver chains, freshwater pearls, vintage brass beads, coral, gold hoops, gemstones and even pave diamonds. These functional jewels have been spotted hanging around slews of famous necks such as Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. Heidi Klum even prefers to layer hers with other necklaces, creating a chain reaction. In fact, La Loop is so luxurious you don’t even need sunglasses to sport ‘em.

  • La Loop
  • 877-505-1500
  • laloop.com
  • $85-$600
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