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imageMy 5-year old niece happens to be blessed not only with blonde locks to die for and a beautiful face, but most importantly, brains. But since every adult shuns her smarts in favor of her appearance, odds are she’ll inevitably start expanding the contents of her closet rather than her cerebral cortex. Because I refuse to let her be influenced by the likes of Bratz and Britney Spears, I’m sending her dozens of Define Tease – a new line of couture tanks and t-shirts with a conscience. An extension of the “Smart Is Cool” (SIC) movement that began as a backlash against the widespread “stupid girl” phenomenon (think Pink), Define Tease was developed to reinforce the message that intelligence and moxie are what matter most… not T&A.

The masterminds behind Define Tease are New Yorkers Erin Darby, a former schoolteacher and dictionary addict, and Ana Henao, a fashion designer, who have made it their mission to instill the positive SIC message upon women all over the world. The quickest way to spread the word (literally) has been through their witty roster of hip handmade dresses, tanks and tees plastered with thought-provoking words and definitions, discretely woven into eye-catching designs, including butterfly and dragon motifs. Ready to spruce up your style and vocabulary? Simply slip into a buttery-soft, fitted cotton shirt that says sui generis (one of a kind and unique), resplendent (shining brightly), nefarious (incredibly wicked), virago (a fierce woman) or pervious (open to ideas). You’ll also be please to know that your purchase has a higher purpose.  A portion of each t-shirt sale is being donated to fund female youth organizations like Heads Up! Children Reach Out and Read, Verizon Hopeline and Girls Take Charge. Their mantra is clearly catching on, as even celebs have been spotted sporting their sexy chemises around Tinseltown. If only Paris Hilton had been given a Define Tease growing up, she might not have felt the pressure to act so dumb.

  • Define Tease
  • 646.827.4622
  • definetease.com
  • $38-$78
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