Shoe Beginnings

imageTo say I take care of my stuff is an understatement. Peek into my cramped New York closet and you’ll discover a whole world of obsession you wish you never knew existed. Each of my beloved soles (113 pairs at last count) are individually wrapped in its own plastic bin to distinguish my Michael Kors from my Marc Jacobs. In fact, even after multiple moves, every pair still looks brand-spanking-new thanks to Shoebby, the practical and affordable alternative to pricey, custom-made shoe racks.

No more snapping Polaroids or rummaging through flimsy cardboard boxes, Shoebby saves me time and tantrums. A savior for shoe addicts who lack closet space, this space-age shoebox keeps floors clutter-free, while safely storing your prized pumps from dust, dirt and other damaging debris. With Shoebby, you can say goodbye to misplaced, scuffed, dog-chewed designer soles or unnecessary trips to the shoemaker. Constructed from recycled plastic with open-air vents (a must for mold-free footwear), this clear, coffin-like container lets you instantly grab your stilettos and go. Thanks to the sturdy handle, transporting your shoes (just as you would your precious Trixie) is a small feat. And with a range of pastel containers coming soon, color-coding your inventory and separating your slingbacks from your sandals will be a cinch. Now, if only I could find a Shoebby to organize life’s other little details.

  • Shoebby
  • 1-888-6-SHOEBOX
  • $7.99 per box ($5.99 introductory price)
  • within 14 days of purchase, less shipping fees
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