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Kind of Blue

imageAs an entrepreneur who works from home, I’m embarrassed to say showering during the week is sometimes optional. But when it comes to my nails, I simply can’t function without picture perfect, freshly polished tips. Since sheer pink shades make my pasty white skin look even more sallow (particularly given Gotham’s grime), I stick to darker, more luxurious nail lacquers. Rather than continue to sport last year’s witchy Halloween hues, I’m jumping in on the blue bandwagon… as in Chanel’s Blue Satin.

In case you haven’t already heard, the mood for Spring ’08 is shifting to blue. Following the success of last year’s coveted Black Satin polish comes the arrival of Blue Satin – a deep cobalt hue that’s been flying off the shelves of cosmetics counters since debuting earlier this month. Spotted on les mains of models at Chanel’s recent RTW runway shows, Blue Satin’s long-lasting formula, not surprisingly, is already infiltrating the fashionable streets of Manhattan.

It’s day three of my first Blue Satin manicure (I snagged one of the last bottles at and I’m pleased to report that I still don’t see any chips. Another cool thing about Blue Satin: it’s like having two sultry shades in one. During the day, the indigo shade emits a subtle glimmer, whereas after dark, it turns an intense twilight hue. Another added benefit: the goof-proof handle and extra-wide brush glides on easily, making it a cinch for at-home touch-ups. But at $19 a pop, you’d better use your supply sparingly. Buy some now before it’s out of stock – I’ve already seen some listed on eBay for double the price!

P.S. Can’t get enough Fashion Junkie? Check out the new “Steals & Deals” blog. Tune-in daily for expert shopping tips and irresistible insider bargains brought to you by yours truly. Happy shopping!

  • Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish
  • $19 per bottle
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Visit the new Steals & Deals Blog!

Check out Steals & Deals for expert shopping tips and irresistible insider bargains brought to you by yours truly and the iVillage Beauty & Style team.

Tune-in daily for buzz-worthy buys that offer the best bang for your buck.

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Best In Snow

imageAfter an eight-year hiatus from the slopes, my husband recently surprised me with a trip to Vail. While I’m thrilled to pieces with his generous gift, truth is, I’m also petrified. Forget about the fact that I haven’t skied downhill since the ‘90’s, what terrifies me the most is that I’m completely dumbfounded about what to wear – unless spandex stirrup pants are still in style. But after some serious sleuthing, I came across the hautest women’s skiwear apparel this side of St. Moritz – Erin Snow.

Created for active and confident femmes who refuse to don baggy pants and boxy coats with in-your-face fluorescent colors, Erin Snow is a refreshingly stylish, yet technical take on women’s skiwear. After noticing a dearth of luxe snow gear on the market for the post high school demographic, self-taught designer and avid skier, Erin Isakov decided to create her own line of upscale items. The fruits of Isakov’s labor have clearly paid off, as Erin Snow recently expanded its sportswear franchise to include high fashion pieces for sailing, tennis and golf. My personal faves: the slimming boot cut Romy pant, the foxy, fur-trim Johanna coat in mahogany (pictured above) and the lightweight Erika top – essential for layering. Other must-haves include a belted metallic silver vest (the Ula), a vintage-inspired army green ski jacket made from waterproof wool (who knew?) and a sleek, down-filled puffy coat, all of which are perfect for lounging by the fire or a night out on the town.

With innovative, waterproof fabrics like Mectex (extremely breathable and lightweight), and high-end accents such as leather and fur (sourced from the finest ski mills in Switzerland and Italy), its no wonder this high-performance and high-style ski apparel carries a steep price. But once you slip into any of Erin Snow’s form-fitting, Thermor-insulated silhouettes (a must for regulating body temperature), you’ll instantly see why they’re worth the investment. Regardless of my questionable skiing abilities, thanks to my new Erin Snow gear, I’m confident that I can master the black diamonds of aprés ski.

P.S. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Park City, Utah this week, you might want to pop in and hob-knob with Hollywood celebs at Erin Snow’s first-ever Sundance pop-up store.

  • Erin Snow
  • $648 (ski jacket) – $25,000 (fur ski jacket)
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Best In Snow

imageIn case you missed today’s Fashion Junkie Fix (gasp!), we featured Erin Snow – the hautest collection of women’s ski apparel this side of St. Moritz. Having just interviewed Erin Isakov herself, the talented designer behind the brand, we thought we’d share her top tips for looking and feeling great whether you’re tackling black diamond trails or sipping hot toddies during après ski.

• Comfort is key. Wear something in line with what you wear in the street so you feel like yourself on the slopes.

• Buy ski gear that’s appropriate for the climate. Invest in quality materials so you don’t freeze on the mountain. For example, if you’re planning a trip out West for spring skiing, invest in lighter-weight fabrics that allow your body to breathe. If you’re heading to
      Quebec’s Mont Tremblant in the dead of winter, you’d better bundle up with fur trim (the Johanna coat) and Thermor-insulated pants (the Romy), which are meant to be layered on top of silks. 

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, treat yourself to Erin Snow when you ski and you’re always guaranteed a peak performance. Visit for more information. Happy shopping!

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Ahh, the joys of winter: brittle nails, scaly hands and cracked lips – all common signs of serious dehydration. Since not everyone has the luxury of routinely getting pampered at the spa for an energizing body scrub and facial, here’s a round-up of less pricey, tried-and-true at-home skin remedies that work almost as well. No gratuity required.

imageA multi-purpose skin saver that works wonders, Rosebud Salve has been a coveted cure-all since 1892! Toss the tin in your tote and slather on as needed. From dry cuticles, chapped lips, sandpaper-like hands to blemishes, a little salve goes a long way. Rosebud Salve, $6,

imageSlather a pea-sized amount of this sweet-smelling, vitamin-enriched oil onto your hangnails and kiss those crusty flakes of skin good-bye. You can even rub a few drops onto your tresses to tame those pesky fly-aways. Creative Nail Design Solar Oil, $8.75,

imageThis super-strength healing ointment is a must for severely dry or irritated skin. Rub a generous amount onto the palms of your hands at least three times a day and bid adieu to brittle, dishpan hands. Aquaphor also does wonders for cracks in the corners of your mouth – just dab a dime-sized amount of ointment onto a Q-tip and the painful slits will disappear in no time. Aquaphor, $7.49,

imageWhether you suffer from eczema or acute dermatitis, this doctor-approved oil is second to none. Coat the colloidal oatmeal-enriched liquid all over your body after bathing (moisturizers are best retained when the skin is wet) and your skin will look and feel as good as new. Aveeno Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil, $7.64 (10oz bottle),

imageA skincare staple since 1911, Nivea’s ultra hydrating face cream when slathered-on day and night, will make your skin radiant. It did wonders for Grandma’s complexion and its unchanged formula is guaranteed to do wonders for you too! Factoid: Nivea was derived from the Latin adjective “niveus,” meaning snow white. Nivea, $7.49,

imageJust because the heat is cranked up full blast on the thermostat doesn’t mean your skin has to take a beating. Plug in this super sonic humidifier and you’ll no longer get the life (and moisture) sucked out of you. Air-O-Swiss® Ultrasonic Humidifier, $199,

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