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Our friends at, a sassy fashion PR source, featured Fashion Junkie in a Q&A about topics ranging from blogging to shopping. Check out the complete profile right here!


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Our friends at, an addictive fashion source, just featured a Q&A with FJ on a host of topics ranging from food to shopping. Click here to read the complete profile!

Check out Fashion Junkie

We have recently discovered primo fashion site Fashion Junkie. One fun and unique service they offer is private and group shopping safaris in NYC! Check out their site: Fashion Junkie and let us know what you think!

Here’s a Q&A with Fasion Junkie founder, Dara Fleischer (also a featured BrandHabit member):

Q: What one word best describes your website?
A: Fun, informative, and of course, fashionable. Sorry… it was tough to narrow it down to one word 😉

Q: What three words best describes your customer?
A: Confident, worldly and aware (of fashion trends).

Q: What makes your website different from the rest?
A: For starters, the eye-catching, ‘80’s-infused design. (FJ) – an online style source for “serial shoppers,” offers visitors my unique perspective on the latest fashion and beauty buzz. As the Founder and Editor of the site, I write and produce all the content – from the Fashion Junkie Fix email newsletters, to the Re-Tales Blog to the Shopping Safari guides, all of which are written in a witty, me-to-you tone that (I hope!) engages the reader. Plus, as a seasoned fashion and beauty editor (prior to re-launching Fashion Junkie in May ‘07, I worked in publishing at In Style Magazine and LOULOU Magazine), I’m privy to “insider” information such as new product launches, sample sales and store openings before anyone else.

Q: Name one person you would love to dress:
A: Funny you should ask.’s mission is to make the world a better-dressed place, one person at a time. It’s for this reason that I personally chaperone clients on tailor-made group and private NYC-based shopping tours. If you have a fashion emergency you need to fix, feel free to drop me a line at

Q: What article of clothing have you kept forever and why?
A: My wedding dress because I can’t bare the thought of giving it away… unless it’s for my own daughter, of course. I had the dress custom-made at Les Noces De Couture – a beautiful dress shop in Montreal, my place of birth.

Q: Finish the following sentence: In fashion, it is most important to be…
A: Yourself!

Q: If you did not pursue a retail career, what would you be doing?
A: It’s hard to imagine doing anything else. That said, I’ve always wanted to be a chef. I love to cook and am addicted to the Food Network TV show, Iron Chef.

Q: What is your current fashion fixation/fetish?
A: Funny you should ask. I’m still mourning the loss over a strapless Zac Posen pouf dress that recently sold out on I initially spotted the dress on the site back in April, but it was priced at a whopping $1,900, so I figured it would be best to wait ‘til they had a major sale. Clearly my head was in the clouds during the Memorial Day holiday, as the dress finally went on sale for 50% off! But… as luck would have it, I tuned-into a few hours too late. If anyone happens to come across a size 2, can you please let me know?!

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imageCan’t cope with the chaos of brick-and-mortar sample sales? Do yourself a favor and check out – a by-invitation-only sample sale site that offers members FREE access to jaw-dropping designer clothing brands at up 75% off retail, sans the catfights.

Since I’m all about sharing the love, I’ve arranged a FREE membership to exclusively for Fashion Junkie members! Once you’ve signed-up, you’ll receive an e-vite to weekly sample sales (from Betsey Johnson to Diesel), even the coveted “red carpet” ones – special bi-monthly sample sales featuring barely-worn designer couture items.

In fact, the very first red carpet sale kicked off today and features haute couture dresses by elite Italian fashion house, Moschino. Plus, when you register, you’ll automatically get $40 off any item of your choice. Expect gorgeous fabrics, earthy colors and stellar detail, making Moschino a must-have in every closet. Just don’t ponder those purchases for too long! The red carpet sample sale only runs ‘til midnight. Happy shopping!

FYI: make sure to use the promo code “FJMoschino” at checkout to receive your $40 discount!

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Filed: Shop Talk As Seen In… US Weekly?

imageHas anyone picked up a copy of this week’s US Weekly (the June 23rd issue)? In case you haven’t, it just so happens there’s a draped yellow Sex and The City-inspired dress featured on page 69 that’s attributed to, of all sites, Note the spelling of “Junkee.”

imageEver since the issue went to press, I’ve been inundated with frantic email requests asking me where to purchase the dress on my site (hysterical, I know). For those of you who are visiting for the first time and are wondering why you can’t find this particular dress, I’m sorry to tell you is strictly an online style source for “serial shoppers” and NYC-based personal shopping service – not an e-tailer (at least not yet). If you’d like to purchase the yellow dress, please visit (with the EE) assuming there are any left (apparently they’re on backorder due to the press). So, as you can see, this US Weekly snafu is simply a case of mistaken identity.

And now, more about this in-demand dress! The “Crossover Fauxe Wrap Vintage-Inspired Jersey Dress,” is featured in an US Weekly “Looks For Less” clothing spread with the leading ladies of the film, Sex and The City. In the spread, Samantha is wearing a “Bombshell” Versace dress that’s priced at a steep $1,700. The cheap, yet, just as chic version, is the Fashion Junkee draped dress. Made from a blend of rayon and spandex, this dress has a sexy crossover design that gathers over the bust for a va-va-voom voluptuous look. It also ties at the back of the waist, creating the illusion of a fitted, hourglass shape. While not as slick as the Versace version, with a price of only $36, what’s not to like?


Which version do you prefer… the cheap or steep version? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!

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Hot or Not… Hosiery at the Office?


With my move to Brooklyn just three weeks away, I finally started the hellish task of cleaning out my crammed closet. Thanks to three years of accumulation (lets face it, purging is a bitch), I completely lost track of what I own, including a clear plastic bin filled with (gasp!)… nude Silks panty-hose!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I was caught sporting a pair of nude panty hose in public, let alone the office (possibly the early ‘90’s). In my humble opinion, wearing nude hose – especially during summer months, is one of the worst fashion crimes you can commit. On occasion, I will don black opaque tights during chillier winter months, but nude panty hose in this day and age…. fuh-ged-a-boudit! 

Coincidentally, The Wall Street Journal published an article about this very same clothing conundrum the other week. In case you missed it, the premise of the article is that women everywhere are peeling off their panty hose year round – even at the office. Lets face it: panty hose are uncomfortable to wear, especially during sweltering summer temps. Not to mention, they’re flat out frumpy!

Apparently, many Gen Y and Gen X-ers have never even purchased panty hose, and baby boomers who grew up having to wear hosiery at work are now opting to go bare. Not surprisingly, this sudden nationwide shift to bare legs at the office has caused a stir. Conservative business managers who work at old-school offices feel that panty hose are more polished, making them mandatory for women who work in the corporate world… even under pants!

What’s your take on the workplace panty hose policy? Wear or go bare? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!

In case you’re wondering, I’m about to toss my entire bin of Silks panty hose. Any takers? Yeah, right…

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