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Manhattan Mania: Shop

  • Shop
  • A Lower East Side gem stocked with hard-to-find frocks for day-to-night
  • Rebecca Minkoff, Ella Moss, 3.1 Philip Lim, Kale, Charlotte Ronson, Deener, Madison Marcus and much more!
  • 94 Orchard Street (@ Delancey)
  • 212-375-0304
  • Mon-Sun 12-7
  • $30-$600
  • Store credit within 7 days. Accessories, jewelery and lingerie are final sale.
  • F/V to Second Avenue
  • Click here for a store map!

Trend-setters flock here for the well-edited mix of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories that can’t be beat. An ultra feminine spot that’s oozing with coolness, wait ‘til you get a hold of the flirty Ella Moss striped dresses, high-waisted Deener stovepipes and over-sized Kale handbags – all sizzling summer essentials you’ll want in your wardrobe. For the ultimate downtown get-up, go for a pair of chic Charlotte Ronson hot pants (toothpick legs only, please) luxe leather wedges and a WOW ‘em Madison Marcus tank. Top it off with a delicate Jenny Sheriff leaf necklace and you’re ready to tear up the town.

Photography  Photography © Shop

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Frizz Be Gone

image Curly girls rejoice! Your bad hair days are finally over, thanks to the DevaSun Dryer. Geared specifically to tame the tresses of the kinky-haired clan, the DevaSun Dryer was designed by Devachan Salon co-owner, Denis DaSilva, to replicate how stylists use their hands (literally!) to cradle curls while they dry. A revolutionary device that diffuses hair just as gently as the pros, this most unusual hairdryer performs its magic by quelling frizz and banishing even the bushiest of Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fros. Since debuting at salons and specialty beauty stores last fall, Devachan’s “handy”-dandy dryer has been blowing away the competition.

Test-drive the DevaSun Dryer just once and we guarantee you’ll start loving your locks. Don’t let the Freddy Krueger-esque claw attached to the device scare ya. It’s only the DevaFuser, a removable plastic cradle modeled after DaSilva’s very own hand, which when placed around the perimeter of your head, produces singe-free, Shirley Temple ringlets that remain intact – results you’d never get with a conventional blower or flat diffuser. And thanks to the dryer’s powerful ion-generating technology (that’s 360 degree airflow), it does the deed fast and thoroughly, drying both strands on the surface as well as underneath, so you’ll never head out-the-door with damp roots.

Ready to rid yourself of that pesky Brillo-pad pouf once and for all? Cough-up the cash (only $185) and order a DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser today!

Check out the Re-Tales Blog for a step-by-step guide that showcases how Fashion Junkie coifs her curls.

The Retail Details!

Product: DevaSun Dryer and Deva Fuser

Where To Buy: &

Phone: 1-877-DEVA123 & 212-274-8686

Price: $185 (packaged together)

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image Calling all commuters! You no longer need to pair panty hose and skirts with socks and sneakers, one of the worst fashion faux pas ever to be committed (remember Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?). Thanks to CamiLeon Heels, the world’s first completely convertible high-heeled shoes, not only will you be able to sprint for that train, but you’ll catch it blister-free too! Elegant and eye-catching, these comfy and convenient pumps transform from a sleek 3 ¼ inch stiletto to a chic, 1 ½ inch heel in seconds.

Ideal for girls on the go who don’t want to schlep multiple pairs of shoes in their purses, with CamiLeon Heels, you’ll never have to… no matter where you’re headed. Created by Dr. David Handel, who wanted to rid women of ailments caused by wearing towering heels for hours on end, the concept for CamiLeon Heels came about simply by watching his sons playing with transformer robots. Using technology similar to that found in these retractable toys, CamiLeon Heels morph from high to low without having to remove the shoe. When you want to go low, just unlock the adjustable heel, stow it beneath the arch, et voila, you magically have a lower-heeled version of the same shoe. Thanks to the steel rods running through the heels and secure locking device, you need not worry about spraining your ankle when you choose to wear ‘em with added height.

Buyers beware: ache-free feet don’t come cheap (from $250 and up).  Made from buttery soft, high quality Italian leather, CamiLeon Heels are available in an assortment of surprisingly sexy and seasonal styles, from flirty ‘n feminine almond-toe sling-backs, strappy pointy-toed pumps, sophisticated spectators to stunning open-toed patent sandals. And with a smashing combo of classic colors such as black, bone and fire engine red, there’s no reason to stash those Reebok’s in your office drawer anymore.

CamiLeon Heels are available at &
Happy shopping!

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Green Scene


Fans of the NoLIta-based hipster Find Outlet boutique better prepare for a double take. After nearly a decade of stocking discounted designer threads, co-owner Ike Rodriguez rechristened the space to Greenfinds – a one-stop-shop for solely organic and eco-conscious clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

Why the radical transformation from an already successful trio of stores? The NoLIta, Chelsea and L.A. locations churned in a combined profit of $1.6 million. The answer is decidedly simple. Years in the fast-paced fashion biz left Rodriguez burned out, so to recharge, he bought a live-aboard sailboat and RV and dropped out of society. During this two-year sabbatical, he became completely in tune with nature, et voila… the concept for Greenfinds was born. Driven to do something more meaningful than just selling designer clothes, Greenfinds became the ideal platform for promoting Rodriguez’s newfound philosophy of coexisting on the planet fashionably and organically, with products that promote our responsibilities to the earth.

Now that green is the new black, shopping need not be such a guilty pleasure. Step inside Greenfinds and find a gorgeous roster of eco-chic clothes ranging from organic cotton jeans (Del Forte), cozy knit cardigans (Stewart Brown) to sexy soy dresses (Ryann). Also a must are the groovy felt ’shroom lamps (Mio), pampering bath and body lotions (Pangea), soothing candles (Dirt) and tingly toothpaste (Miessence).

Judging by the swarms of repeat shoppers since relaunching this spring, who says its’ not easy being green?

  • Greenfinds
  • 299 Mott Street (between Prince & Spring)
  • 212-226-5167
  • Mon.-Sun., 12pm-7pm
  • $7-$200
  • Final sale on all items
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Oral Fixation

In case you didn’t catch today’s Fashion Junkie Fix newsletter (gasp!), for the next twenty weeks, I’ll be documenting my very own Invisalign tooth progression. A clear and less conspicuous alternative to metal mouth, Invisalign is a DIY dental breakthough used by millions of people like me who suffer from the dreaded snaggletooth. To see what I’m referring to, take a look at this scary snapshot of my eyetooth. This, my friends is a snaggletooth.

It’s hard to believe that after years of teenage orthodontic work (read: gum surgery, Ugly Betty wire braces, a lip bumper and headgear) I glanced in the mirror one morning last month and suddenly found the sucker. As if spotting grey hairs and wrinkles weren’t enough of a curse (ahh, the joys of turning 35), I now had to deal with the consequences of chucking my retainer in high school?! No way Jose… I simply refused to settle for a smile with crooked chompers, no matter what the cause. So when I heard about Invisalign – the removable plastic aligners that resemble tooth-whitening trays, I knew I had to test-drive the treatment.

Luckily, my sister-in-law happens to be a trained orthodontist who just opened a new office in Dallas, so I immediately flew to Texas and a few hours later, I was being prepped for my customized Invisalign program (woo-hoo!). All it took was a quick 3-D computer-imaging scan of my jaw (check out the digital photos below), some teeth filing (a must for inserting the plastic aligner trays), followed by bite impressions et voila… my set of 10 disposable aligner trays were shipped in the mail. And now, when worn sequentially for the next twenty-weeks, my teeth will gradually be transformed from ghoulish to gorgeous.

Ready for your Invisalign treatment? Don’t delay… book a consultation with Wylie Orthodontic Specialists today! Call 972-941-9363 and ask for Drs. Rachel Thieberg or Rodney Lewis. Visit for more information.

Tune into the Re-Tales Blog regularly for a real-time report of my teeth transformation. Week One:

Yours truly being prepped for the Invisalign program

A jarring digital imaging scan of my jaw

Notice the nearly “invisible” trays on my teeth?

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