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Rompers… How Old Is Too Old?

Lover Eternity Romper, $649 at

Lover Eternity Romper, $649 at

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I’ve never been a big proponent of  those popular “How To Dress Your Age” magazine articles – too authoritative and limiting for my youthful taste. Having recently hit the big 4-0, I’m happily breaking “the rules” by donning mini skirts, bikinis (even after having twins) and dare I say, hot pants (better call the fashion police!) Full disclosure: I do have slight traces of cellulite and those dreaded spider veins. But… I do my best to keep it together with daily workouts and a heathy Mediterranean diet, save those early morning spoonfulls of Nutella. Given that gravity will eventually take its toll, I prefer to celebrate the skin I’m in today, rather than dwell on that dreadful birth certificate. Which reminds me, I’ll be celebrating yet another birthday in just 3 weeks! But I digress… (more…)

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