Frizz Be Gone

image Curly girls rejoice! Your bad hair days are finally over, thanks to the DevaSun Dryer. Geared specifically to tame the tresses of the kinky-haired clan, the DevaSun Dryer was designed by Devachan Salon co-owner, Denis DaSilva, to replicate how stylists use their hands (literally!) to cradle curls while they dry. A revolutionary device that diffuses hair just as gently as the pros, this most unusual hairdryer performs its magic by quelling frizz and banishing even the bushiest of Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fros. Since debuting at salons and specialty beauty stores last fall, Devachan’s “handy”-dandy dryer has been blowing away the competition.

Test-drive the DevaSun Dryer just once and we guarantee you’ll start loving your locks. Don’t let the Freddy Krueger-esque claw attached to the device scare ya. It’s only the DevaFuser, a removable plastic cradle modeled after DaSilva’s very own hand, which when placed around the perimeter of your head, produces singe-free, Shirley Temple ringlets that remain intact – results you’d never get with a conventional blower or flat diffuser. And thanks to the dryer’s powerful ion-generating technology (that’s 360 degree airflow), it does the deed fast and thoroughly, drying both strands on the surface as well as underneath, so you’ll never head out-the-door with damp roots.

Ready to rid yourself of that pesky Brillo-pad pouf once and for all? Cough-up the cash (only $185) and order a DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser today!

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The Retail Details!

Product: DevaSun Dryer and Deva Fuser

Where To Buy: &

Phone: 1-877-DEVA123 & 212-274-8686

Price: $185 (packaged together)

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