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Hot or Not… Hosiery at the Office?


With my move to Brooklyn just three weeks away, I finally started the hellish task of cleaning out my crammed closet. Thanks to three years of accumulation (lets face it, purging is a bitch), I completely lost track of what I own, including a clear plastic bin filled with (gasp!)… nude Silks panty-hose!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I was caught sporting a pair of nude panty hose in public, let alone the office (possibly the early ‘90’s). In my humble opinion, wearing nude hose – especially during summer months, is one of the worst fashion crimes you can commit. On occasion, I will don black opaque tights during chillier winter months, but nude panty hose in this day and age…. fuh-ged-a-boudit! 

Coincidentally, The Wall Street Journal published an article about this very same clothing conundrum the other week. In case you missed it, the premise of the article is that women everywhere are peeling off their panty hose year round – even at the office. Lets face it: panty hose are uncomfortable to wear, especially during sweltering summer temps. Not to mention, they’re flat out frumpy!

Apparently, many Gen Y and Gen X-ers have never even purchased panty hose, and baby boomers who grew up having to wear hosiery at work are now opting to go bare. Not surprisingly, this sudden nationwide shift to bare legs at the office has caused a stir. Conservative business managers who work at old-school offices feel that panty hose are more polished, making them mandatory for women who work in the corporate world… even under pants!

What’s your take on the workplace panty hose policy? Wear or go bare? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!

In case you’re wondering, I’m about to toss my entire bin of Silks panty hose. Any takers? Yeah, right…

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Look Out for Luxury “Flash Sale” Sites!

imageWithout a doubt, the biggest new craze in online shopping is the plethora of Web-only luxury sample sale sites (a.k.a. flash sales). A trend that originated in France thanks to a site called, flash sale prototypes in North America have proven to be just as popular and successful.

Sites like,,,, are among the latest crop of members-only Web sites that sell deeply discounted luxury goods, typically up to 70% off retail for a limited-period of time. Once you become a member (you need to be invited by a member), you’ll receive a text message or email informing you when the next VIP sale begins.

Why the sudden wave of these so-called flash sites? With today’s shaky economy, unsold luxury goods are piling up in retailers’ stockrooms like never before. And since major department stores and independent boutiques are so desperate to sell stock before the arrival of next season’s shipments, flash sales have proven to be a great way to move inventory.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of flash sales (36 hours or less), die-hard serial shoppers, myself included, feel a sense of urgency and inevitably get pressured into buying the merch. For example, I just logged on to and noticed that they’re holding a Rebecca Minkoff handbag sale this Thursday, May 29th from 12pm–midnight. That means I’ll have to act fast if I want to score the dove grey leather hobo I’ve been dreaming about.

Flash site, the savviest of these social networking newcomers, posts a digital time clock informing you exactly when a particular sale is over. Which reminds me: I only have 9 minutes and 5 seconds left to score those Valentino aviator shades I’ve been eyeing…

Buyers beware: as with any e-tailer, make sure to check return policies and shipping fees before you buy. Happy shopping!

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Comic Couture

imageCall me crazy, but doesn’t it seem as if everyone in the art and design world has been jumping-in on the superhero bandwagon lately? First came New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” and now, Diane von Furstenberg is paying homage her favorite superhero, Wonder Woman, by debuting a capsule collection in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (on behalf of DC Comics). DVF’s haute heroine lineup includes ready-to-wear, small leather goods and footwear inspired by the iconic female superpower.

imageWhy exactly is Furstenberg so smitten by Wonder Woman? For starters, the fictional Greek Goddess happens to share the same first name as the designer, Princess Diana. In fact, Furstenberg has kept a picture of the comic heroine in her notebook for years and her staff even once gave her a framed photo of herself in the likeness of Wonder Woman as a gift. But I digress…

imageFar from cartoonish, the DVF Wonder Woman collection will feature eye-catching frocks, from signature wrap dresses to shifts with corsets, adorned with shimmery sequins and, of course, stars – the ultimate symbol of empowerment (an attribute that Furstenberg is extremely passionate about). DVF boutiques will also carry a coveted assortment of Wonder Woman-inspired collectibles that go beyond bulletproof bracelets and headbands (ker-pow!). Proceeds from the sale of select items will benefit Vital Voices Global Partnership, an organization von Furstenberg is committed to that identifies and empowers emerging women leaders and socially-minded entrepreneurs. This limited-edition collection will debut in DVF boutiques as well as specialty stores worldwide in October ’08… just in time for Halloween!


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Rain Busters

Although I meant to post this rain-busters round-up in April, I figured you would still find it useful given May’s grim weather forecast. And since these dreary weather conditions are expected to continue here in the Big Apple for the next five days (oh, joy), I now have a perfect excuse to stock up on the latest waterproof fashion finds. Even better: I don’t even need to venture outside to buy anything, as everything’s available online.

imageWe’ve all heard of galoshes for men… but for women? Slip on Swims’ ultra-stylish rubber overshoes to prance around in puddles, without mucking-up your pricy Miu Miu ballerinas. Choose from a host of colorful hues, including lemon, licorice, pearl gray, bubble gum pink and chocolate. Swims, $146,

imageThis travel-friendly, water-repellant trench is undeniably practical and chic. The puffy sleeves and solid navy silhouette add to the appeal, while the knee-length drawstring hem and adjustable hood prevent you from getting drenched! Mackage Knee-Length Nylon Jacket in Navy, $385,

imageAvoid looking like a drowned rat with this punchy patent leather wide-brimmed hat. The eye-popping Kelly green shade is guaranteed to garner smiles, even on the greyest of days. Patrica Rain Hat, $126,

imageShield yourself from unexpected downpours with this stylish and smart weather forecasting umbrella. The base of the handle has a built-in radio receiver, which illuminates during inclement weather, so you’ll instantly know when to take cover. Now that’s cool! Hammacher Forecasting Umbrella, $99.95,

imageTreetorn’s edgy rubber wedge boots are proof that you needn’t sacrifice your style when it’s raining cats and dogs. Not only are these kicks comfy, they’re also fully insulated so you won’t freeze when the mercury nosedives. I’m such a fan, I bought ‘em in both cypress and yellow. Treetorn Plask Rain Boot, $117,


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Victoria’s Secret on the “Boob” Tube

imageSince I’ve been cursed with cherry pits, I’ve never really had the need for a bra. The only time I’ll even consider strapping one on is when I’m wearing a sheer top. Otherwise, I prefer to keep my tatas unfettered, if you will. However, when I heard about the Long Island lady who’s suing Victoria’s Secret over patent infringement for a convertible bra that she created back in 2004, I decided to write this blog post to give her some “support.”

Katerina Plew claims she showed some Victoria’s Secret execs a photo of an affordable bra with detachable straps, hoping to sell the idea (check out this Fox News video to see the prototype). One year later, she spotted a knockoff of the very same bra on the racks at a local Victoria’s Secret store. Dubbed the “Very Sexy 100-Way Strapless Convertible Bra,” Victoria’s Secret’s version also has detachable straps with hooks and multiple eyelets that enable you to wear it 100 different ways. So rather than buy a bra to match every dress in your wardrobe, all you have to do is replace the straps and hook ‘em into any eyelet for “infinite possibilities.” The convertible bra comes with three sets of connecting shoulder straps (regular, halter and a low-back converter strap) so you can wear it as a plunge, two-strap, one-shoulder, racerback, crossback, boatneck, crisscross front, halter… well, you get the picture.

For the well-endowed who have tried Victoria’s Secrets convertible bra, does it “hold up” to its claims? Share your thoughts with the Fashion Junkie community!



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